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We understand that you always value the special moment in every picture that you take and you want people to value it too. This should be made simple. People shouldn’t be bothered with accessing different social networks in multiple browser tabs, only to check you and your pictures out. That’s why we created OmniGallery, so that you are able to showcase your amazing photos posted to different social networks right on your WordPress website. With the OmniGallery plugin, you won’t lose any moment that you have captured and neither will your friends and loved ones.

OmniGallery supports Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest, Facebook Albums, and Instagram. The plugin is very simple to use. Once it’s downloaded and activated, you just need to fill in a simple form where you can type in your Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest usernames. After that, everything is just as simple as adding a photo gallery on a WordPress post or page.

Check out the plugin page for more details. Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial too!

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  • superboki


    this plugin is awesome but i have a question…
    Is it possible to connect two instagram account?
    each account could be assignate to different gallery.

    For exemple :

    Instagram Account superboki ==> gallery 01
    Instagram Account loserbatman ==> gallery 02


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