Opulence – A High Fashion WordPress E-commerce Theme

The high fashion business is tricky. There is always more to a fashion product than its premium price. Take a designer bag, for example; it states your personality, what you value in life and sometimes your social strata. Therefore, we understand that selling high fashion items is not a piece-of-cake business. It requires a lot of effort in showcasing and making things look as presentable and classy as they can. One way we can make that a little bit easier for your is with Opulence, a premium WordPress theme specifically tailored for this fierce business.

Simply put, Opulence is all you need to start an online high fashion store. You can start selling hottest stilettos, designer bags, jewelry pieces, fabulous outfits and all things fashion. Opulence lets your customers focus on your products, instead of the inessentials that usually clutter a page, hence provides them an amazing online shopping experience.

Opulence is a responsive theme and compatible on any devices, e.g. desktops, tablets and smartphones. Its black and white design radiates elegance and luxury, exactly what you need for selling high fashion products. Also, it’s undeniably true that whatever pleases the eyes, pleases the heart. That’s the reason we structured the design with sharp and crisp editorial images with transition effects. Backend-wise, a choice of powerful WordPress e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Jigoshop or WP-ecommerce ensures smooth online shopping experience.

More screenshots are available below. Go check the Opulence theme page for further details.

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  • Jacqueline Jordan

    Very classy look. I like it!

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