Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 with Our Special Offer


2016 Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 8. This will be a great chance to experience the traditional folk customs! Chinese New Year also known as the most important celebration for Chinese families and a week of official public holiday, which is similar with Christmas Day to the westerners.

Celebrating this special moment, we are giving you a special deal offer. You can get all our premium WordPress themes, plugins, MobileView skins, WooCommerce extensions and also our Catalyst Bundle with 30% price reduction. The deal will be available only for 8 days, started from Friday, February 5 and ended on Friday, February 12, 2016 ET. Make sure you are not missing this great offer!

How to entice viewers with typography


How to Entice Viewers with Typography?

Typography is a creative transcription of an art, which is purely used to express the essence of vocal verses in written communication. It generally distinguishes the speciality of a message through graphically animated text characters from a normal one. Well, we are pretty aware that images are given more priority than text. But, have you ever thought of imposing a concept in a text character? I can say that, it would be wholly possible only with the help of typography. Before diving, we should know few tricks that are extremely important to entice viewers.

Top 6 Tips On How To Choose A Right Template For Your Website

Temp Design

With the passage of time, enormous changes have occurred in the way we lead our lives and execute the tasks on the daily basis. All of this has happened only because of the exponential developments in the field of technology. Yes, it’s hundred percent correct that technology has brought tremendous changes in our world and has made our lives really simple. Today technology is being used for bringing more efficiency and productivity in agriculture, manufacturing, and service sector.

Now when it comes to describing the role of technology in enhancing the productivity or growth of the business industry, the one approach that is becoming more and more common is to go online and make your presence felt among a wide range of people. This is one of the best approaches, when it comes to popularizing your products and services among the masses in the most efficient way possible. And in order to go online, you must have an imposing website in place, that can be used for providing comprehensive details about your business to the potential customers. Developing an awe-inspiring website remains the most important part of your business strategy if in case you are running an online business.

How to Easily Add Custom CSS & Functions


Customizing the theme with a child theme, which is usually the best method. But sometime we only need change a little things like change the color, change the font or adding action function to header, and using FTP is too confusing, then there is an easier way to add CSS on your site with using Colorlabs themes and it doesn’t need create the child theme.

All of our themes comes with packed full of useful features that will give you complete control over the theme. Some of the amazing feature included in the themes is Custom File Editor. With this feature you adding the style of your website quickly and easily directly from the panel or you can add your own custom CSS and also custom functions too.

Designing – With A Stroke Of Contrast For Great UI & UX

UIBusinesses looking to capture the huge market through mobile technology, it has inevitably made designers to think out of the box to bring in new functions of interface elements as over the last few years UI is gaining importance. Attractive designs, deep colors, intriguing textures and clips of physical objects have no place now and many more in the list. Our audiences are getting tech savvy and look for quick responses when browsing, and this is what we need to consider.

Not much of the changes have made customers at ease.  The simplicity brought by us has also developed a trait of minimalism where outward appearance has levelled up the hierarchy over accessibility, legibility and discoverability. With no signs of tumbling down the peak, the trend is devaluing the digital content experience.

The Best 5 WordPress Translation Plugins For Your Site


Most of our members frequently asked, how to translate our WordPress themes’ default language into other languages so that their websites will be more intelligible to wider audiences. This can be done so easily by using WordPress plugins. As you do not need to setup a WordPress multi-site network or have some separate WordPress installations for each languages.

Why to Redesign your Website to Increase Traffic & Sales?

website redesign

Everyone wants to grow their business to generate more revenue from it.

Most of the business owners have websites and know the importance of it. If you really don’t know or don’t care about your business website, then try to expand your knowledge. Your website is the great tool for expanding your business.

12 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

The boom in the travel industry recently has been influencing more than just the tourism sectors of the six continents. It has been influencing the digital world as well with an increasingly large number of social media accounts and blogs dedicated to exploring and experiencing “the unknown”.

Apart from that, travel businesses, agencies, hotels, hostels, and rentals are always looking forward to developing the most interesting, unique, and enticing websites to invite travelers from across the globe. This is why WordPress is busily checking and uploading themes that are in line with current web standards and allowing us diversity, in not only where we choose to go, but how we choose to display where to go!

Announcement: Technical Support will be Closed for Christmas & New Year Holiday 2016

We would like to inform you of the following Christmas & New Year Holiday 2016, Colorlabs & Company Technical Support department will be closed Thursday, December 24, through Sunday, January  02, 2016, for the Christmas public holidays & New Year Holiday so that our team may enjoy time with family and friends. The support system will resume normal operations on Monday, January 04, 2016.

Please expect delays on technical support inquiries during the Christmas & New Yearholidays. All sales inquiries will be returned beginning Monday, January 04, 2016.

We thank you for your understanding and wish everyone a very safe and happy long holiday!

Colorlabs WordPress Themes Framework 1.9.2 Has Arrived


Today, we’re very happy to announce that Colorlabs WordPress Themes Framework 1.9.2 has been arrive for all of you. We always keep our promise to make our themes always up to date and giving you the best performing. And also we really appreciated your feedback for all this time to using our WordPress themes.

We are keeping our framework updated and improved to make sure that WordPress core upgrades run as smoothly as possible.

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