6 Must have Tools to Increase E-Commerce Success

e-commerce business

This is a guest post written by Keity Adrian, A Digital Photography and Street Art.

Research based on the use of mobile devices for online shopping gave us a new standpoint about the way things should run on E-commerce websites. Clearly, they should be responsive websites that support numerous frameworks, layouts, and screen resolutions. While this became the top reason to search for “responsive” theme designs, store owners quickly realized that this wasn’t the end to their need for mobile-oriented applications and softwares.

Tricks to Reduce E-mail Unsubscribe Rates

email unsubscribe

This is a guest post written by Michele, Web Designer and Marketing Consultant

Email marketing is a marketing strategy which if done correctly can result to business success. With that said, it requires a lot of effort and patient before the strategy can start yielding results. You do not expect to start seeing results a fortnight after starting to run the campaign. Just like any other online marketing strategy such as SEO, it should take you awhile before starting to enjoy the benefits.

Visual Designing Guidelines for Impeccable UX design

visual design

This is a guest post written by Michael Waugh, Internet Marketing managerat  Potenza Global Solutions.

The UX industry places a great deal of importance on usability. There is much emphasis laid on user stories, wire frames,and usability testing. On the other hand, there is hardly any focus placed on visual design. Nonetheless, in my belief a major factor influencing user experience is aesthetics.

7 Simplest Ways to Create Perfect Typographic Hierarchy


This is a guest post written by Katherine Brunt, Senior Content Creator at Assignment Box.

If you have a dynamic website design and want it to be more effective and attention-grabbing, it is quite crucial for you to create great typographic hierarchy.

This is something which makes a HUGE difference in sharing significant messages and texts online. If you know how to properly use important visual factors like typeface, sizes, colorsas well as white spaces to manage textural elements, this will be greatly helpful for you to put proper emphasis on content to create focused messages for your viewers and readers.

Colorlabs Showcase Contest 2015

bp showcase contest 2015
We just celebrate our 6th anniversary at July 21st, 2015. To make it merrier, we want to celebrate it with all of you, our beloved customers with an event of Colorlabs Showcase Contest 2015.

For all of you who use our products, especially our themes and child themes (or your own child theme) that already modified can join this event. There is no specific rules about how complex is the modification, you can do a HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP modification or even the combination of those languages.

The modification itself can be a layout modification only or adding a new feature(s) with/without change its looks.

Colorlabs 6th Anniversary Celebration: Enjoy Special Disc. 60%


Six years ago we launched Colorlabs & Company ( was ColorLabs Project ), started by one very enthusiastic entrepreneur with a shoestring budget, one theme and a tons love of WordPress.

It’s been a great six years and we want to thank everyone who has helped Colorlabs grow in any way. You already have using our collections ( themesplugins, and mobileview skins ), becoming our affiliates, feed our blog, or are our loyal Twitter follower and a fan of us in Facebook, this is just a chance for us to say thank you. And to celebration our 6th Anniversary!

Eid ul-Fitr 1436 H Holiday Announcement


As we are heading to Eid ul-Fitr Holidays, the Islamic Holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

And Indonesian government has declared as national holidays on July 17-20, 2015. Colorlabs team will be on Eid ul-Fitr holidays during that period, so our support service will be temporarily closed from July 17th until July 20th, which means all of Colorlabs support agents will not be available.

Kindly bear with us for the delays during that period. We will get back to you immediately on July 21st. We thank you for your understanding and for those who celebrate Eid, on behalf of the Colorlabs team I wish all of you a very Happy and Joyful Eid ul-Fitr.

Happy Eid ul Fitr, have a nice one with your families & friends!

Best Newspaper WordPress Themes 2015

Freedom to express your thought is one of the sign if you already entered the 20th century. On this century, everyone can easily express their self via social media or a website.

With all of those easiness, now you can easily find a tons of websites discussing many topics, it can be a global topic, regional topic or even a private website. On some case, a big news portal such as CNN and others are less quickly in covering an event or simply they can’t even cover it.

Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2015

best magazine wordpress theme

Writing and sharing an ideas are a fun activities for some people. You can find a lot of successful stories of a persons or groups who start their career from scratch, for example The Verge, TechCrunch and many more.

Their successful stories was started from a couple readers per month into a millions per month. And of course those numbers are not coming instantly, there are many aspects they have to notice such as topics, layout of the website, is it easy to read or not, etc. in order to become they’re right now.

Introducing Product Stocktake and Inventory Notes Extension


To start an E-commerce business nowadays is super easy, there are two requirements you have to fulfill: the first one is you need a product to be sold, then the second one is a website to displaying the products.

At the beginning of your online store, of course you will really enjoy every received orders. But, when your store start growing bigger and you have more than hundreds orders per day, you will face a new troubles that never exist before.

Best Affiliate WordPress Themes 2015


The growth of eCommerce business today is pretty fast, everyone can sell anything they have easily by create their own online store or use the available service such as Ebay, Craiglist or anything else.

At the beginning there was a few people who is able to see a chance on this business. As the growth of social media service, the online business become more trusted by many people as a buyer or seller all around the world.

Rules That Power a Navigation Design

navigation design

Website navigation is the basic foundation of your website. If it is not designed to function properly then it may bring all your efforts down no matter how attractive your website looks. It is essential to strategize the way in which your audience interacts with your website content in order to gain good sales or conversions.

For effective navigation it is essential to implement an innovative way of organizing and presenting content to your target audience. Well planned navigation helps a business connect with its end users

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