Photogram – A Free Photography WordPress Theme

Developing a theme is a journey that we really enjoy and can’t get enough of. Very recently, we developed a brand new theme, called Photogram, put some premium touch on it and made it available for FREE, for the WordPress community.

Design-wise, we were heavily inspired by one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms, Pinterest. We really admire their idea of putting photos together on one page, stacking them on one another, reinforcing the message that the photos are conveying. We wanted to bring that experience onto WordPress.

We also fall in love with Instagram, another popular photo-sharing platform, which apparently is only accessible on iOS and Android devices. People at the Instagram HQ seem to be sticking with their idea of a mobile-only app so we come to fill in the empty space, thanks to the Instagram API. We might want to, in certain cases, have our Instagram photos viewable on the web, accessible on our site by everyone without the need of a smartphone. With Photogram, you can build your own gallery of Instagram photos.

Photogram is very fluid and responsive, thanks to its slick and nifty jQuery effects. The Masonry and Infinite Loading scripts make page scrolling more convenient than ever. Photogram comes with a massive slider on the home page for you to showcase your favorite photos and 4 gallery templates (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and WordPress uploads) that are powered with AJAX-loading feature.

Go grab the theme now or view the demo. Fire up the comment section if you have any feedback.

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  • munir-dynamicFreethemes

    ide yang menarik, mengkolaborasikan atara Pinterest dan instagram..i like this..good luck

  • Great theme! Is there a language file for translation?

  • This is a theme that I was looking for so long. Thank you guys. It is great that you give it for free.

  • Hendryk Ch

    Great Theme – thanks for that. I am trying to install my photo-gallery page with it, but I have some severe issues and bug-reports. Is there any way to get support or leave details for the bug reports?

  • Wellfrid Hutagalung

    This theme is awesome!

  • vovecka

    hi, its really nice, but how can I select length of text in preview on main page? when is too long, it ends with “Read”. Can i change it somehow?

  • Miggy Erquiza

    Hi there! I need help regarding photograms fancy-box photo viewer. When you click on a thumbnail, there should be next icon or “arrow right or left”. Other posts are just fine. I can see the other pictures by clicking on the arrows, but its not always the case. It is inconsistent. Am I missing something?

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