Theme Updates: JobsHub, Arthemia, Salvatore, Cloth, Legato and more


We have been updating several of our themes, this past couple of weeks. They had a major change, but some got only a minor one. This change is made so that we can keep developing our theme and deliver it in a good quality. In all this time, we learn that changes are needed in order for something different to happen. This is what we are struggling with to keep our product in well balance code and updated features.

This quick post will give you the information on what themes have been updated and also a short description on what was added, modified or removed. 

To update a theme, you can automatically update it from the theme panel. Login using your member account and then you can start to update the theme. Or, you can download the theme from our member page, then using your FTP program, you can upload the folder containing the theme files to where your theme is located. Makes sure you download a copy of the theme you are updating and save it somewhere safe in case something doesn’t go right. Also note if you made a modification to the theme files, they will be lost from being overwritten with the new files.

Here’s a quick list on what theme update and what features or bugfix that we have been working on.


We update the framework of the theme pack to keep the installation easy and compact. Fix the admin options on the reservation page, add a captcha feature when users submit through the reservation form, it is needed to protect the site from spam. We change several widgets in order to work on the homepage and also gives you the options to add some more new widget such as, work time and the special menu widget. Several customers have been reporting some minor bugs in the theme, in this version we have also fixed it.

You can read the full changelog, here.


JobsHub gets a small update, several fixes on the apply job form, fix the color scheme that affects the theme functions and one thing that we miss is with the responsive menu on JobsHub, we updated the code, change it to our latest mobile framework so that it can perfectly work on the mobile environment without any issue.

You can read the full changelog, here.


For some customers who had an issue with mobile menu, we have fixed this issue in the latest version. Also for a better user experience, we add an editorial style on the content editor (front-end) so the resulting post will output the same content and style. We also fix some bugs, it is not a big deal actually but we clean the attribute, select box on the single product variations page and add a page title on 404 page. The last version has fixed several issues such as woocommerce popup gallery thumbnails, single product image and an issue with empty color scheme option, we have fixed them all.

You can read the full changelog, here.


We also add an editorial style inside the content editor so the resulting post will output the same content in the theme for a better user experience. Some users have been reporting an issue with popup image on single product page, we have fixed that in the latest version. Several element got an improvement such as: variations changes in single product image, CSS style in edit account page, make the theme screenshot larger for supporting HiDPI displays. We also have fixed some bugs such as problems with textdomain and cleaned some deprecated functions.

You can read the full changelog, here.


In Salvatore, some major changes on the dashboard that we have made available to view all active, pending or expired listings, fix the listing status to remain pending when moderate listing options is disabled, fix missing label information on add listing page and fix the listing gallery that was not showing on single listing page. And also there are few minor change that we made, such as fix the business field in submit listing form, fix the sidebar listing details, permalink and single listing, also fix PHP error in order class and updating the framework inside the theme pack.

You can read full the changelog, here.


There is not much we do here since Arthemia is still one of our best theme so far, we only updated the framework inside the theme pack, change the responsive menu and style with the latest and updated scripts so that the menu will not have any issue with the browser.

You can read full the changelog, here.


Cloth had a major changes, some of them are the same with other updates such as: add an editor style inside the content editorial for a better user experience, add PO and MO files for the language translation purpose, add an app-like menu on the mobile version. We also made an improvement in javascript, so the site load time will have a significant improvement. Some changes in layout have also been made in the single post, 404 page, single product image size, variation select box on the single product variation page.

You can read full the changelog, here.

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  • George Cartonic

    Any update planned for the Backbone framework?

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