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You might have realized that lately we’ve been consistently productive on updating our WordPress themes collection. We’ve released 4 themes in the past 2 months: Equilibria, SimpleReader, Narcilicious, and BloggingNews. From now on our theme collection is going to get even bigger and we want to make it easier for you to grab them all.

So, to celebrate ColorLabs’ upcoming premium WordPress theme number 10, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the ColorLabs Deals Page – the only source you need for getting ColorLabs WordPress themes on their best price.

Each week on the Deal Page, we will have what we call the Weekly Deals, where we bundle up three selected premium themes for $69. Yes, you read that correctly – for $69, you can have access to 3 professionally designed WordPress themes and support! Each bundle will only be available for 7 days and each time a bundle is expired, we will replace it with a new set of bundle immediately.

On the opening day, we are going to start with 3 bundled theme, each for $69:

  1. Business Essentials: Arthemia, Equilibria, SimpleReader
  2. Whitespace Lover: Arthemia, Platformate, BloggingNews
  3. The Color Bundle: Arthemia, Wireline, Narcilicious

Remember, the deal will only last for 7 days and after that they are will be replaced with another ones. Make sure you won’t miss our future deals by following our Twitter account or liking our Facebook page.

My recommendation – don’t waste time thinking over it if your work involves WordPress in any way. Click here to buy them now!

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