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Your wedding day is usually thought to be the most important day of your life. It’s a day when you get to celebrate the fact that you have found the love of your life and both of you are now going to spend, hopefully the rest of your life together. It is a day of joy and laughter. Of fun and tears. It’s basically a cacophony of emotions and all of them should be tinged with happiness. Part of this is planning for and making sure that the day in questions is precisely as you want it. Every bride is unique and when it comes to weddings, there really isn’t a one-fit-all scenario. Sometimes a wedding is low-key at city hall with only a few close friends and family, sometimes it’s the party of the year. Then sometimes you simply elope to Las Vegas. What seems to be the most popular trend at the moment though, is the Bohemian Wedding theme. Everything from food to venue should have a distinct bohemian feel to it and there are hundreds of options when you for instance go to buy a bridal dress online. In short, everything needs to be perfect and certain trends are indeed noticeable.

Most common traits

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From the perfect boho brida l gown to the most delicious desserts, there are some common traits that seem to scream bohemian more than others, such as for instance going barefoot. Perhaps it’s the level of freedom attached to feeling of the earth beneath your bare feet, or perhaps it’s simply being in nature that makes you feel connected to the environment and installs a sense of peace. Then there are the flowers, having a boho wedding means that much of this will be a given as the very venue will supply an ample amount, keeping to a natural feel. Hair and makeup is usually kept to a minimum, going with a natural look. As is the all-important wedding dress. Here it seems to be a common trait to go a bit outside the box and perhaps choose a two-piece dress. Or why not go with what most identify as one of the most signature designs of a boho wedding dress, namely the long sleeved kind. Finally, it seems as if much of the theme centres around vintage and vivid colours when it comes to setting and china. Not to mention the fact that the food prepared will have a distinct natural flavour to it.

Don’t forget to book the ultimate boho honeymoon

The perfect boho wedding theme needs to include finding the perfect outdoor space as a venue. A beautiful dress accompanied by natural hair and make-up, a mixture of vintage decor, lots and lots of flowersa boho neon love sign and an abundance of rustic wooden furniture and twinkling fairy lights.  Bohemian inspired finger foods will match the theme of the day perfectly. Not to mention booking the perfect honeymoon trip. It may be difficult to find a honeymoon location to match the already out of this world beautiful scenery of the wedding ceremony though. Not to worry, usually the most magical beaches in the world are positioned by some of the most exciting cities as well. Places that are packed with inspiring culture, delicious local cuisines and happening hotspots. If it is a quieter honeymoon you are after, perhaps the perfect idea is to visit a more remote location. Whatever you choose it will be perfect because you have made the choice yourself. Before you get to enjoy the honeymoon though, there is still the perfect boho wedding to take part in together with the people you love most in the world.

Cover Image credits: Photo by NastyaSensei Sens from Pexels

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