Marijuana Bud vs. THC Vaporizer

In the past, the most common way to smoke marijuana and diflucan pharmacy obtain a high experience was via a handheld bong or joint. However, in this modern-day age, many new ways have been created and explored by consumers, including vaporizers, blunts, water and gravity bongs, etc. Two of the zovirax most popular ways we enjoy marijuana are vaporizers (AKA vape pens) and flower. As a couple, we enjoy both forms and their unique high experiences, but whether we indulge in one or the other depends on our location and the group we’re with. In public, our pens are our go-to to allow us a functional, mellow buzz. When smoking at home and with our close group of friends, we enjoy smoking flower. If you are debating which form to use for your personal life, keep reading for our list of advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana Bud vs THC Vaporizer. 


In our opinion, the biggest comparison between the two forms is convenience. A Marijuana vape pen is small and cheapest canada amoxil compact, making it incredibly easy to travel around with. Not to mention vape pens can be either scentless or disguised in other fruity or sweet scents that otherwise do not smell “weed-y,” making their storage, travel, and use in public very discreet. On the other hand, marijuana flower can be somewhat difficult to travel with- requiring a heavier duty, likely bulky container to conceal its look and smell. Not to mention there’s no simple way to conceal the smell of the flower or look of a bong, joint, or blunt while smoking out in public – everyone around you will likely know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. So if discreetness is your priority, we recommend the THC vape pen. 


In California, we have found that the average cost of a one-gram cartridge at any dispensary is approximately $55 to $65. At that same price point, you can purchase about a quarter ounce of marijuana flower. While these prices are similar, the main difference is longevity. If you enjoy a consistently high experience, lasting however long you would like, the THC vape pen will likely last you around two to three weeks, whereas the sale au kamagra marijuana flower smoked at the same consistency will likely only last you a week or less.

Marijuana Joint


Coupling with the cost is consumption. Being avid smokers ourselves, we typically take a hit of the THC vape pen approximately every five to ten minutes to keep our high experience consistent. Unlike the pen, when smoking flower, an entire joint will likely last you a high of 45 minutes to an hour.

The high experience.

We find that the high experience of a THC vape pen versus marijuana flower or bud is much different. Smoking flower, we experience more of a body high- feelings of whole-body relaxation and even slightly tingling sensations. We find that smoking the THC pen creates more of a mental or head high- finding jokes even more hilarious, typically getting into big, deep talks with our friends, etc. However, this is not the case for every consumer, as the sativa strand can be typically associated with mind highs while indica is typically associated with body highs. 


The hardest comparison is the variety of both. Vaporizers come in many different brands and strands, similar to flower. With both methods of consumption, you have the option of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid between the ~700 strands of cannabis.

Conclusion Marijuana Bud vs THC Vaporizer

Overall when it comes to Bud vs THC Vaporizer, we find ourselves favoring the THC pen method due to its discreetness and overall convenience to our lifestyle. However, marijuana flower continues to have a special place in our heart and lifestyle for those at-home group of stoner friends get-togethers that the THC pen just can’t compete with. For whatever lifestyle or experience you are striving for, the THC pen and Resources marijuana flower each have their pros and cons. 



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