Casino Themed Wedding

Casino Themed Wedding

There has been a large number of bachelor and bachelorette parties in the US that took place in Vegas. It is very easy to see why Vegas is such a popular destination for wild parties, and parties don’t get a lot wilder than that, do they?! Moreover, many couples opt for a Vegas wedding, mainly due to the fact that it is a lot easier to get married in Vegas than elsewhere in the country.  However, you don’t have to be in Vegas to throw a casino themed wedding, that can be done anywhere in the US, or the world even.

A casino themed wedding can be quite interesting, provided that you know what you’re doing, and you manage to organize things or hire someone to do it for you.

Make It A Black-Tie Event

black-tie event
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There was a time when casinos were darky and kind of creepy places, but that era is long gone. Nowadays, when you think casinos and casino parties, you should think more about James Bond and the glamour of Las Vegas instead of an illegal card game in somebody’s basement.

The dress code is the first thing you’ll need to take care of, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, that is if you know anything about casinos. You need to make sure that all of the staff are also dressed appropriately. Just imagine the photographs, they will be epic, of course, provided that all guests observe the dress code.


The attire is the easiest part, to be honest. The trickiest part of a casino themed wedding is how to make sure that your guests engage in casino-related activities, but more importantly that they are having fun and not losing too much money (or at all).

If you don’t like the idea of having your guests gambling away real money, then you can hand them fake chips, or monopoly money, or have them gambling with certain tokens. Ultimately you can have them purchase chips with real money, but put a limit on how much they can spend, so they don’t get carried away and since the house always wins, you can either donate the funds to a charity or fund your honeymoon with it.

Few Blackjack tables and a Roulette wheel will certainly spark up the atmosphere, but there’s also an option of playing slot machines near the podium. It could be a bit difficult to find slot machines to rent or buy, but there’s a simpler option.

You can go online. That’s right, just have a look at the online slots at SlotsWise and you’ll see how many options are available. There are literally hundreds of online slots and many of them can be played in demo mode, so your guests won’t have to be playing with real money.

Now, if you do decide to let your guests gamble with real money, you will need to set some ground rules. Some of them might get too carried away, whereas others might not be into it. Everybody at your wedding should understand that it’s all fun and games and that the event ultimately celebrates your love.


If that sounds a bit much, or you’re worried that not all of your guests would be up for it and will know how to enjoy the occasion, you can go for a more classic option, have your wedding at one of the gambling hotspots. That way, a trip to the casino and a hand of Blackjack or a spin at the Roulette table would be an option, but only for those who would want it.

Another option, if you really want casino-themed events, is to have your bachelor or bachelorette party at Vegas or another gambling mecca. We’ve already covered this idea in our piece on 5 Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas to Keep Things Fresh.

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