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In 2018, former United States President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill into existence. This law formally differentiated the definitions of hemp versus cannabis based on the very low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC) within hemp- specifically, no more than 0.3% THC. In addition, this law formalized the cheap propecia online categorization of hemp, providing a way for the Food and glucophage Drug Administration (better known as the FDA) to monitor and regulate all hemp-related products. This law helped usher in the craze for legal Delta-8.

Fast forward to 2019, when Delta-8 THC became increasingly popular as a manufactured, psychoactive version of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), arguing that it still contains less than 0.3% of THC. The delta-8 cannabinoid is extracted from the hemp plant. However, since only small amounts are available in each plant, delta-8 THC is typically manufactured. One small step further marks the creation of THC-O-Acetate, another semi-synthetic cannabinoid gaining popularity recently in the cannabis community. THC-O-Acetate is produced through the utilization of the toxic chemical acetic anhydride. You can now buy Delta-8 on Amazon or your local smoke shop. 

History of THC-O-Acetate:

Records of THC-O-Acetate and its potential effects extend as far back as 1949, when scientists in the United States military (more specifically at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland) conducted a study on THC-O for the potential use as a non-lethal chemical weapon. These scientists were looking to explore possible weaponization of the psychedelic effects it could have on any potential enemies. Pushing past the mental image of stoned soldiers, the research conducted was on dogs and therefore could not be determined conclusively in humans. However, the scientists found that THC-O-Acetate contained twice the impairment effect on muscles than THC in larger doses.

The Details OF THC-O and Delta-8:

As mentioned earlier, THC-O is not naturally occurring and has to be created synthetically in a complicated, potentially dangerous operation involving heavy-duty chemicals and distillation. The physical process of creating THC-O-Acetate removes all flavonoids and terpenes from the cannabis- leaving behind a thick, brown liquid concentrate of THC isolate. If you are unfamiliar, flavonoids in cannabis are responsible for all unique colors and cheapest usa glucophage online appearances of cannabis strains, while terpenes are responsible for the smell and flavor of each strain while enhcnaing the high. Another unique characteristic of THC-O and its nature is its inability to dissolve in water. This characteristic alone contributes to its increased potency, as the molecules that enter your body penetrate the blood-brain barrier contain a higher level of THC.

Experience and Usage of Delta-8:

In terms of effect, THC-O-Acetate in delta-8 has a longer absorption duration when compared to smoked cannabis. This is primarily due to the lengthy process the human body has to progress through- absorption, processing, and ultimately activation. However long the process also means that the high experience lasts considerably longer. Those who have dabbled in this form of consumption report that the potency of THC-O surpasses all other cannabis products, including THC. In fact, some consumers report a potency of three times the effect of regular cannabis, with increased spiritual and psychedelic aspects.

Currently, THC-O-Acetate is available in the form of gummies/edibles, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridges.


Overall, THC-O-Acetate is still in the infant stages of evidence-based research, so there is no way to predict the long-term health and/or side effects of Delta-8 until more peer-reviewed research is conducted and completed. So do yourself a favor and conduct your research (with the utilization of this article) to create and form your own opinion on up-and-coming THC-O-Acetate.

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