The online world of fashion is a crowded place to try to make your stand. For that reason, it can be hard to distinguish your brand. With the thousands of start-up fashion companies jockeying for position against the behemoth fashion retailers, it can be overwhelming to consider how you will get customers to hear your voice against all that noise—which is why you need to look into the world of proper digital marketing for your fashion brand.

When it’s done correctly, digital marketing places your product in front of the ideal audience. This means that customers don’t have to hunt for you and you don’t have to throw your products at everyone hoping that it will catch the eye of someone who wants it.

Here are three tried and true methods to make your digital marketing adventures a success.

  1. Retarget your visitors with Facebook ads

While you may already be using targeted advertising with Facebook, retargeting visitors is one of the most successful ways to actually trigger a sale. Most people aren’t ready to purchase an item after only seeing an ad once. However, if a user visits your website from Facebook to have a closer look at the product, you can use Facebook to retarget that visitor later and have the ad come up again.

Retarget your visitors with Facebook ads is successful with this strategy. They also use targeted discounting, Targeted discounts mean that, if a customer doesn’t purchase after a set amount of time (say, a week), you can use the retarget to offer discounts. This is especially useful with people who have abandoned their shopping carts.

  1. Use Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers, like, is a great way to organically grow the amount of people interested in your brand. The world of retail and fashion is changing, and most people take more notice and place more weight on what their favorite social media influences are wearing than what a company tells them to wear. Some people have even used this love of celebrity fashion to create careers, tracking what celebrities wear and then sharing it on their social media pages. By collaborating with influencers, you will put your clothing front and centre to an audience that is already open to the idea of buying clothing from that influencer. So long as they like the style, they’ll buy.

  1. Run promotions

Promotions are a great way to draw attention to your official brand website. Depending on the time of year, you can provide your buyers with different incentives to visit your site. People are often drawn in by the appeal of a promotion, even if they weren’t necessarily shopping for clothing. Promotions tap into the FOMO feeling that if you miss out on this sale, there will never be another like it.

Large holidays or seasonal changes are great times to run promotions since most consumers are primed to buy anyway. The holidays, when people are attending parties and buying gifts, if a stellar time to run a Christmas themed promotion, while spring and summer will promotions will allow you to move a surprising amount of merchandise.