Digital Must haves for your Honeymoon
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Digital Must-haves for your Honeymoon

Once the big day is over, it’s the honeymoon to look forward to! Here are some tech suggestions to upgrade your honeymoon to make it even sweeter, so you can make it the best it can be.

A downloaded (offline) music stash.

If you’ve got Spotify Premium, Deezer Premium+ or YouTube Music Premium, you can download playlists onto your phone to play offline. Before you go, create a holiday playlist so you’ve got some tunes for those times when you don’t have an internet connection. Perfect for when you’re lying on the beach, long journeys or lazing by the pool.

If you don’t have a music subscription app, you can download songs directly onto your phone and play via your phone’s file manager.

Portable speaker

portable speakers for honeymoon

Create your own beach ambience, just make sure you charge it before you go! There are many different types of affordable portable speakers you can buy, whether you’d like one that’s waterproof for you’re on the beach or near the pool, or whether you’d prefer a bluetooth over a cable connection, there’s something for you. Just don’t forget to download music before you leave so you actually have something to play on the speakers!

Offline maps

This is always useful, particularly when you’re travelling somewhere you haven’t been before. It’s even more useful if you’re hiring a car on your honeymoon, as you can use your phone as a satnav. You can download maps to your phone on the Google Maps app or via another app like Scout, where you can buy offline maps of specific countries or continents for a small fee. If you do want to do this, you might want to also bring a smartphone car cradle, so you can affix your phone to the dashboard to mimic a real hands-free satnav device that doesn’t need to be constantly downloading location information via the internet to get you where you want to go.


Want to use your own car on honeymoon but don’t want to drive it there? You can get it shipped over by someone else using Shiply to find a transporter. A great solution if you’ve got faster or more luxury transport booked but would prefer to drive your own car once you’re there. Shiply isn’t just for vehicles either, you can send over large items that you can’t carry yourself, or to find a courier for whatever you need to move.

Language App

Learning the language before you go could give you more control on your honeymoon and give you opportunities to integrate more in the culture of where you’re visiting. Download free apps like Duolingo and Memrise and see just how easy and fast it can be to learn the basics. Google translate is also extremely useful for translating text (perfect when you’re not sure what it says on the menu!)

Power bank

If you find your phone battery doesn’t last as long as you would hope, consider investing in a power bank for extra juice when you’re on the go, so you have enough power for all those videos, photos and panorama shots.

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