dispensary and lounge in palm springs

I finally found a marijuana lounge without being a member or jumping through hurdles to get in. Four twenty bank dispensary and lounge in palm springs has everything you want in a dispensary and lounge. Come into this old bank, find what you would like to consume, have a seat on a comfy couch and enjoy. But wait, if you want to be more active, they have a pool, chess, board games, and a complete game room. Check out my experience; if you are ever in palm springs, be sure to check out Four twenty bank dispensary and lounge 

Four twenty bank dispensary and lounge 

Four twenty bank dispensary

When you first walk in, you will see all the display cases with anything Cannabis-related you could possibly want. All the budtenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. If you are new to Cannabis, they will help you pick out the perfect product. Once you make your purchase, head over to the from this source lounge area and be ready to enjoy

Jeeter Infused Pre-Roll

I chose the Jeeter Infused Pre-roll, headed directly to the comfy lounge, and started smoking my joint. This Blue Zkittlez Indica is infused with cannabis oil & coated in kief, making it about 52% THC. Jeeter also likes to add different flavors, making it taste that much better; Blue Zkittlez has tart citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers terrapin profile. This joint packed quite a punch with a full-body high. The high was a very mellow feeling in your whole body. All I could manage was to play a game a Jinga no shot at me going over to the pool table or game room at all. This was the perfect joint for an ideal end-of-the-day stress reliever.

Cannabis Lounge

Four twenty bank dispensary - lounge

You can see from the picture there are about five lounge sections to choose from; each can hold around 8-10 people. Each lounge has a selection of board games you can choose from. I enjoyed a game of Jinga and operation as I sat and enjoyed my joint.

Board Games

Four twenty bank dispensary - Jenga

When was the last time you played operation or even Jinga? It’s been a while for me too, but why not spend some relaxing time playing these old games.

Pool tables and idealfinancialmanagement.co.uk cipro Chess

Four twenty bank dispensary - pool tables

If you are not into board games and wish to do more active games. There are three pool tables where you can show your skills. If you are a chess fan, look at the top of the picture, and you will see a life-size chessboard. I bought a relaxing joint and could not do these active games, but next time I’ll choose a nice Sativa and try out the life-size chess game.

Glass bongs

Four twenty bank dispensary - Glass bongs

If you are interested in adding to your bong collection, they have quite a selection to choose from. There are five large cases of glass bongs. As I enjoyed the couch, I saw several customers looking at the bongs and a budtender letting them test them out. Of course, they sterilize each bong after each use. It seems like if you want to consume your bud via a bong, you can do that here in the lounge.

Eats all around

Fuzion Five Vietnamese

If you get hungry while enjoying the lounge, just walk outside, and there is just about any type of food you could want. I tried Fuzion Five – Pho Vietnamese Restaurant just across the street, and it was fantastic. 

Conclusion Dispensary and Lounge in Palm Springs.

The Bank was a great lounge to sit back and relax while partaking. The staff was very friendly, and the dispensary had a large selection. If you are in Palm Springs, I recommend trying this dispensary and lounge in palm springs.