DIY infused edibles

Have you ever been genuinely curious about what something would taste like infused with THC? That’s what a few friends and zithromax australia buy online I found ourselves wondering a few nights ago while happily guzzling some milkshakes. Then the idea hit us- what would happen if we took some of the THC capsules we had bought earlier in the discount ca zovirax day and put them into the milkshake? Would it work? Would the taste or consistency be enough, or too “weedy” tasting, or just right? Tune in below to see how our DIY infused edibles experience turned out. 

Ingredients we used:

  • 2 THC capsules- 50 mg each (for four adult stoners)
  • Whole milk 
  • Ice cubes
  • Hershey’s’ chocolate syrup
  • Blender
  • Optional: Oreo cookies, peanut butter, whipped cream.

DIY infused edibles

Step 1: Gather your ingredients together.

Step 2: Pour approximately 2 cups of whole (or whatever your preference) milk into the blender cup. Our goal was to make enough for four adults who are consistent stoners and have a relatively moderate tolerance.

Step 3: Open both capsules, and empty them into the blender cup (see the video). 

Looking carefully at the capsule, you can see a line in the middle where the seal is- where each half of mastercard flagyl the capsule comes together to form the whole. Put a thumb on each side of the capsule and gently twist and pull each side apart. 

We chose to include the eriacta 100mg actual shell of the capsule into the milkshake because we thought it might have some leftover THC in it. Later, we researched this and found out that the capsule shell is made from gelatin and/or plant material and a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil. So, it is harmless to consume, although it may not affect your experience if you choose to or not to include it in your milkshake mixture.

The capsules we had on hand were from Truelieve- Indica strain. Each individual capsule contains approximately 50mg of THC and less than 4mg of CBD. We chose capsules for this DIY because of the long-lasting effect and glucophage ultimate convenience. These capsules also come in Sativa and Hybrid strains (both in 10mg and 50mg capsules) and CBD (10mg) for a variety of needs.  

Step 4: Blend WELL.

We decided to blend the mixture both before and after the addition of ice in an attempt to break down and combine the oil and shell of the capsules as well as it possibly could. I’m not sure if this made any difference at all, but I couldn’t taste but a very slight weed-y taste once it was finished. 

Step 5: Add ice and chocolate syrup. Blend WELL (again).

Step 6: Pour into individual glasses. Serve with a straw.

Step 7: Enjoy your experience! 

Overall experience:

8/10 – I would definitely do again, but with some slight modifications. 

Firstly, it was very hard to gauge how many milligrams of THC each person got, and so one person (ahem) got significantly more high, quicker than the others. However, the rest of the group did end up feeling the effects after about 45 minutes, and the viagra capsules australia experience lasted about 2-3 hours for all parties involved. 

Secondly, add more ice. Our milkshakes ended up more like chocolate milk – but hey, who doesn’t love chocolate milk?

Lastly, I wonder if a pill would be easier to break up and/or merge into the mixture than the capsule or if the cold temperature had anything to do with the consistency/breakdown of the capsule. Even after well blended, there were still a few small pockets of straight THC oil at the top. `Now go out and zovirax create your own DIY infused edibles, let us know how it turns out. 

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