drone wedding photography

If you’re looking to capture your big day in the most exciting way possible, drone photography and video can help you do just that. With the help of a drone, you can get sweeping cinematic shots and capture views that you wouldn’t be able to see with a standard camera. This can help you to create captivating wedding photos and videos that will perfectly encapsulate the magic of your wedding day.

To make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, there are a few details you need to check with your drone photographer before you go ahead. That’s why the drone enthusiasts over at the Case Farm have put together this guide to drone wedding photography and video, so you can see whether this is a viable option for your big day.

drone wedding

Read up on the rules and regulations

No matter whether you’re getting married at home or away, you’ll need to read up on the local drone laws to make sure you’re allowed to fly drones in the town, city or country where your wedding is being held. As a general rule of thumb, you’re not allowed to fly drones in densely populated areas, near or around airports, near buildings or around crowds of people, so this may pose some restrictions when it comes to your wedding photography and videos.

It’s best to check this information well in advance to avoid any complications further down the line. You can find more information on the UK 2018 drone rules and regulations here.

Get permission from your wedding venue

You’ll need to get permission from your specific wedding venue before hiring a drone photographer for your event. Whilst some venues may allow the use of drones freely, other venues may not be so lenient, so it’s a good idea to get explicit permission from your wedding venue that details what your drone can and cannot do.

This will require an open dialogue between you, your wedding venue officials and your drone photographer, to make sure the right measures are in place to keep your big day as simple and stress-free as possible.

Consider the costs

Prices for drone photography and videos can vary, however, you can normally expect to pay anything from a £300 for raw photos and footage, to over £1000 for edited videography and accompanying music.

The price you pay will depend on factors such as the drone photographer’s skills and expertise, the length of time the services are required for and the editing that is required, to name a few.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to make sure you consider the costs within your wedding budget.

Consider the time implications

In some ways, drone photography is even more laborious than normal photography, therefore, it may take longer that expected for your drone photographer to get the best shots.

Not only this, but weather conditions, natural light and the time taken to set up the drone will also have an impact on the duration of your shoot.

Make sure to check these details with your photographer to make sure that you’re not taking too much time out of yours and your partner’s wedding day.

The best wedding venues for drone photography

There are certain venues and locations that lend themselves well to drone photography. For example, locations such as beaches, wineries and private estates can look even more aesthetically pleasing from above.

Needless to say, most outdoor venues will help you make the most of your drone photography. This will give your drone photographer lots of room to play with different angles and views, so that they can capture your special day in the best possible way.

There’s a multitude of opportunities for creativity with drone photography, which is why many couples choose this option to create unforgettable memories of their big day. With careful planning and consideration, you too can enjoy the benefits of having a drone at your wedding.