A beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to conduct a wedding. For a couple starting off in life, it will give them beautiful memories and a happy life ever after.

Planning a beach wedding comes with additional concerns. But since it’s beautiful, romantic and all fun, you will never make a mistake going for one. Put it on your social media pages, invite guests to be with you on the D-day, and don’t forget- there are some factors to consider before the day. Look here:

Choose The Time Of The Year

The time of the year you choose for your destination wedding can potentially affect a few other elements. For instance, Price, availability, weather, tourists, and your guests and friends’ desire needs consideration when deciding on the time of the year to say “Yes I Do” at the beach.

Factors like traveling expenses may to a larger extent affect the attendance, and therefore time and season of the year can’t be overlooked. You will want to fix your dates at a time convenient to you and your quests.

Time Of The Day

Did you mention beach wedding? Alright, if that’s the dream venue for your D-day, then you should correctly fix the right time of the day. You will not want to spend much time there until sun reflecting off the ocean causes sunburn on the bride.

You need to find out the best time for photos and video shooting as well, and temperatures for your comfort as well as that of quests. To be sure, you may consult with a wedding specialist make your special day even more extraordinary.

Decide Whether Private or Public Beach

The size of the attendance may greatly determine the type of beach to settle on for your wedding day. If you are expecting few guests, then a private quest will not be a bad idea. Another idea is whether privacy is a significant consideration. Should you be looking for privacy, then you need a private beach.

Private or Public Beach

However, whether public or private beach, you need to take your time and find out whether it has a package of your preferences. After comparing many options, then settle on one that best serves your day’s agenda.


You will want to capture the glamour in every moment. You, therefore, deserve a photographer that has both knowledge and experience of beach photography. The continually changing backgrounds can pose a challenge to a new, inexperienced photographer. You don’t want to take chances, so go for the best photographer in the neighborhood.

wedding photography

Reception Or Ceremony?

You need to have it clear whether you need a wedding ceremony at the beach, then after that a reception at a different venue. Being clear on this bit determines what permits and ordinances you need to have.

Permits And Ordinances

Basically many have asked, “who owns the beach sand?” The answer is no one. However, the local authorities regulate the local gatherings and events through the issuance of permits and ordinances.

You will need to consider the following:

  •        Do you indent to perform bonfires which are considered potentially dangerous? Some beaches don’t allow bonfires and therefore you need to define your list of activities on your D -day.
  •        What beverages will be served at your beach wedding? Some beaches don’t allow alcohol, so you need to carry out research and find out if yours applies.
  •        What about privacy? If you need a beach wedding that features only your family friends and guests, then you may have to find out the beaches that lock out outsiders.
  •        What’s the size of your beach wedding? Small or Big? Some beaches issue regulations for events depending on the size of the gathering. So the rules change depending on the length of your guests’ list.

Venue Accessibility

Having a wedding with your toes on the beach sand sounds brilliant. But what of your dearest relative who cannot make it there, on the grounds that they use a wheelchair?

Venue Accessibility

Are there options for people to sit instead of standing for long? What about the beach entrance policy? You need to have all these questions answered before your wedding day so as not to close out the witnesses of your wedding day.

Consider Tides And Weather

You need to consider whether and tides at the beach. In the event that rains and storms show up, you are likely to be left alone as the whole gathering seeks refuge from a nearby hall.

You will, therefore, need to consider the seasonality of rain and tides along the beach. Although mother’s nature sometimes is unpredictable, a backup plan may come in handy. It is said that those who have a backup plan rarely make use of it, as there is rarely an occasion that demands its use. I think it can be a sure insurance policy against Mother Nature anger that may tarnish your big beach wedding.

So there you have it! A few things that you need to consider if you’re planning on having a successful beach wedding! Failing to plan is definitely planning to fail. Grab the above tips for your beach wedding, and make your day successful. Guaranteed!