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Charity Wedding Gifts: What You Need to Know

A wedding gift is not just any gift – it holds special meaning and is meant to be memorable and special for the couple. However, these days, many couples already live together before getting married and thus – already have what they need in their homes. This makes receiving gifts quite insensible or a tradition that is less relevant than it used to be in the past.  Additionally, a lot of couples today wish to make their D-day less about them as they seek ways to portray their generosity to society. No wonder more and more couples are asking for contributions to a charity of their choice instead of a traditional gift. If you are one of these couples who wish to make a difference, then here is what you need to consider.

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Choose a Charity

If you are thinking about asking your guests to give to charity instead of gifting you, the first thing you will need to do is to select a charity. In most cases, this task is daunting given the numerous options available out there. It is important that you and your partner first agree on this matter and that both of you are passionate about what cause you intend to support. Start by looking at what is closer to you. Is there something that is close to you that you would like to support? Has any of your loved ones been adversely affected by a particular illness, or is there a person you have lost to a health complication?  Maybe you love animals and you are looking for ways you can save the endangered species. You could also decide to support your local school, your church, or send someone to camp. The most important thing here is choosing something you love and support. You may also decide to start your own charity organisation and have your guests donate to it. In this case, you can seek the help of a fundraising consultancy as they have professionals who can assist and advise you on how to start your own charity.  

Telling Your Guest About the Charity

Traditionally, if the guests to a wedding wanted to give gifts, they would buy an item from a wedding registry or offer an envelope containing money. Although it’s an increasing trend, requesting charitable donations, as opposed to the traditional wedding gifts, may appear as undercutting the social norm and could end up generating some mixed reactions from the guests. Some of them may love your idea and find it to be quite generous on your part. However, there are those who may feel offended by it and may fail to support your decision because they may feel they are being forced into something they are not accustomed to. Others may ignore your requests while some may feel it’s a pretentious action. To avoid causing these kinds of mixed reactions, you can let your guests know that donating to charity is completely optional and if there are some who want to gift the traditional way, then they are free to do so.

How Much Should One Donate

Don’t ask the guests to give a specific amount as their donation. Instead, allow them to decide the amount of money they would want to donate. You should also offer an option for anonymous donation so they can be comfortable taking part in the process. To encourage participation, you could organise a donation match game, where each donation made is matched to a certain activity at the wedding. For instance, when a guest donates a certain amount of money, say a hundred pounds, the couples share a dance with the donor.

Final Word

Make sure you offer information regarding pertinent information such as tax-deductible to your guests. If you will be doing the collections yourself, be sure to offer receipts for the guests. Don’t make the tax deduction of the total amount donated for yourself. If the guests choose to make anonymous donations, you can ask them to make their donations directly to the organisation. Make the entire donation process easier for your guests so they may not feel like they are being compelled to do something against their wishes. If they insist on getting you a present, do not deny them the chance. Respect the wishes of your guests and make the gifting process easier for them.

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