General Inquiries

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) you can use to create a beautiful web site or blog. It offers a freely distributed, standards-compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform, with sensible default settings and features, and an extremely customizable core. All our themes rely on having a self-hosted version of WordPress installed on your own web site.

What is a child theme?

A child theme simply means a theme that is built on a framework (a parent theme). All our child themes are based on the Backbone theme framework. For a child theme to function, you will also need Backbone running on the same WordPress installation.

How does a child theme license apply?

A child theme inherits license from its parent framework (Backbone). If you purchase the Backbone theme as a Single Pack, your child theme will automatically inherit the Single Pack license. If you purchase a child theme as part of the Framework Bundle, the child theme will inherit the Framework Bundle license.

Can I use Colorlabs themes on my web site?

Currently you cannot use Colorlabs themes on my web site. Our WordPress themes only work on self-hosted WordPress installations, the content management system downloadable from

I’m a complete newbie, what should I do to get started?

To use our themes, you need a web hosting account and a domain name with WordPress already installed. WordPress has its own requirements in order to run on your host service. You should also have a basic understanding of WordPress to better manage your web site. Beyond that, learning how to use FTP clients and having a good text editor for changing code are beneficial. We recommend that you take some time to learn about WordPress as we do not teach WordPress basics like how to add a new page or post or set up a category.

Do you build themes on other CMS?

No, we are committed to WordPress 100%.


Sales and Account Inquiries

Do you accept credit/debit card payments?

Yes, we do. To ensure maximum security of your credit/debit card details, we partnered with PayPal so that you can pay with any major credit/debit card without having to worry about any security issues. After completing the registration form, you will be brought to a secure PayPal payment page where you can enter your credit/debit card details. If you already have a PayPal account, you can also use your PayPal balance to pay.

What payment method do you accept? How do I use it?

We accept credit/debit card payments and bank transfer via PayPal. This may vary depending on your country of residence. Once you have completed the registration form, you will be brought to a secure PayPal payment page where you can either log in or register with PayPal and link your sources of fund, which may be a credit/debit card or a bank account.

Can I get a coupon code from Colorlabs?

Yes, we will occasionally publish coupon codes and you will find them in our blog posts or Twitter stream.

How do I download themes after I have completed my transaction?

As soon as your payment has fully cleared, you will receive an email containing a username and password. Use this account information to log into our Member Area where you will find the latest theme downloads. If you do not receive your account information within an hour of your purchase please feel free to contact us.

Can I get an invoice?

The only receipt we issue is the automated PayPal receipt which is generated right after you have completed your transaction. That receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.

What is the basic difference of the free and premium version of a theme?

We always support the premium versions of our themes as long as we’re in business. We also provide a free, first-time installation service for you. As for the free versions, we do not provide any support.

I am not going to your themes after all. How do I get a refund?

We apologize that we do not issue refunds for any purchase on Colorlabs as our products/themes are intangible digital products. We do however issue a refund if a specific agreement was made prior to purchase. This is written in the terms and conditions that you have agreed. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review each theme and ask any questions prior to purchase.


Theme Inquiries

Are Colorlabs themes search engine optimized (SEO)?

We always strive to develop themes according to semantic HTML and web standards to ensure maximum search engine optimization. WordPress itself does well in search engines. If you are looking for advanced SEO configuration options, we suggest that you use one of the many SEO plugins available for WordPress.

Are theme updates free of charge?

Free one-year updates are included in your purchase. You can download theme updates from the Member Area.

Are Colorlabs themes valid and cross-browser compliant?

All Colorlabs themes are designed to meet the latest W3C standars and they are all W3C CSS and XHTML valid.

Are Colorlabs themes compatible with plugins and widgets?

Colorlabs themes are coded to be fully compliant with WordPress. Most plugins and widgets will work, but we can’t guarantee they will on every combination. Some plugins and widgets may conflict with our code or they may not use the most compatible code and therefore may not work with our themes.

Do you have tutorials on how to use or setup a theme?

Yes, we provide theme-related tutorials and you can find them by browsing our Tutorials.

Is theme documentation provided?

Yes, online theme documentation is provided to and viewable by all registered users. You need to log in to browse the theme documentation.

Do you provide after-sales technical support with purchases made here?

Our themes come with after-sales technical support. All support inquiries and questions will only be addressed in the Resolution Center.

Do you accept modification or customization requests of Colorlabs themes?

We are happy to assist you on customizing our products (e.g changing colors or making a minor layout change). However, we can’t provide help on extensive modification as our support agents have to prioritize technical inquiries over modification requests.

What do I get when I buy a theme package?

A theme package includes a ZIP file that can easily be uploaded to your WordPress site via the WordPress Dashboard. If you like, you can also extract the ZIP file and upload the extracted files with an FTP client. The extracted files include WordPress template files, a read-me text file and a changelog.

How to localized the theme?

Translating your site would be easy by using this Codestyling Localization plugin. This plugin provides all you need to localize a theme or a plugin. After you installed and activated the theme, go to Localization under Tools. Choose your language, then click on “Rescan”.  Click edit after you scan the language and translate the words. After you are done with translation, click the button “generate mo-file”. Now, you’re site is localized. Also, you can translate your site by using manual way. Feel free to choose.

Can my site have multi languages?

Having a multi languages in your site would be easy by using WPML Multilingual plugin for WordPress. Install the plugin by having it extract inside the plugin folder. Then, go to your dashboard to activate the plugin. Now, set up the languages settings. Please read it one by one, so that you know what are the settings  and customization that you make. Languages is now set up. It’s now the time for setting every fields of translations settings.

How to change my font?

It started by looking for what font that you want to have in your site. Copy and paste the fonts code in style.css file would be the easiest way. Edit your header.php and paste the codes in the upper part of the main stylesheet. Also, you have to write like this, take the two URLs and combine those fonts with this | character. Place the code in the theme’s head section. Now, you are ready to use your CSS file. This is the example of your CSS file:

body {
  font-family: ‘Helvetica', Arial, serif;

How to set up the Backgorund Slider in the FrontPage on Lensa theme?

To Set up the background slider, posted your images to Photographs post type. Then, set the image as Featured Image. Also don’t forget to tick ‘Feature’, below the text “Colorlabs Photograph Detail Settings”. The image will automatically slides in the Frontage of Lensa theme.

How to set my blog page to show up on the home page on Lensa theme?

You can change the home page to your blog page by changing the Front page displays. Go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays, change the display from ‘Your latest posts’ to ‘A static page’ and choose the blog page in the ‘Front page’ options.

How to set the Image slider on Opulence theme?

There are 2 ways to set the images slider. First, you can make the Featured Image from ‘Products’. Set the image as Featured image and it will automatically slides in your FrontPage. Second, you can make the Featured Image from ‘Slides’. You also can put the image to be Featured Image outside from Product’s images gallery. The ideal size for the Slider is 1140×450. You can put it with larger size, but not in smaller size.

Can I charge user that wants to post an ad in my site on Classifier theme?

Yes, you can set this payment from the theme panel in Pricing Configuration.

Does Classifier can have multiple images of an ad?

You can definitely have multiple images for your ads by upload you images to your ad’s post. The image will automatically appeared in your ad’s page. All of the images will show on the top of the content. So,if you have 4 images for your ads, the images on ad’s post will appeared in size 85×85 px. It doesn’t mean that the big featured image is remove. On the top of those 4 images, the image that you click will show up as the big featured image. So, you can have a closer look for your ad’s images one by one.

Can I reduce the amount of rounded part below the slider to 4 or less on RoyaleRoom theme?

Yes, you can. You can set this by choosing which page that you want to show on this rounded part as featured page.

Can I charge a fee to upload a job? Also can I make my own job pack on JobJockey theme?

Yes, definitely you can charge a fee to upload a job. To have your own job pack, you can setting from JobJockey’s dashboard admin. Then, you’ll find Job Packs in the theme panel. Job Packs let you define packages that customers can purchase in order to post multiple/single jobs for varying duration. Once you add a pack the values on the “pricing” page will no longer be used. You can create your job pack after you fill these following form; Pack Name, Pack Description, Pack Duration, Pack Cost, Job Count, and Job Duration. After that your pack is finished.

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