Five Honeymoon Destinations to Relax In
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Weddings are great, but weddings are also extremely stressful. If arranging a wedding was a walk in the park, the wedding planning business wouldn’t exist. Unless you happen to work as an events planner or your profession involves putting together large-scale social occasions, arranging a wedding is probably the biggest event you’ll ever plan in your life. It’s a blessing that you’re able to enjoy it at all after all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into making it happen! 

Since so much time and energy gets invested in making weddings happen, it’s not at all surprising that a lot of people feel totally spent and deflated after the day is over. Post-wedding blues are a very real thing, and you won’t be the first person to suffer from them if they happen to you. With that in mind, it might not be the best idea to immediately set off on an adventure-packed honeymoon or a vacation that’s going to demand a lot from you in terms of effort and energy. Instead, the best thing for you might be to take the weight off your feet, relax, and recharge your batteries. That’s why this article is all about the most relaxing honeymoon destinations in the world. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far or very hard to find a great ‘relaxation’ option when it comes to honeymoons. There are dozens to choose from, but here are five of our personal favorites!

St. Lucia

Stroll on the beach
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

The first of our honeymoon destinations is St. Lucia. Many people say that St. Lucia is the most beautiful of all of the Caribbean islands, and they’re happy to provide you with a long list of reasons why they hold that opinion. We’re not going to get drawn into a debate about whether it’s better or worse than some of the other stunning locations in the Caribbean, but we’ll definitely say that it’s a perfect place to hide out and relax for a while. St. Lucia is built on tourism and offers every amenity you can think of to reduce your stress levels. Book yourself into a yoga class and learn how to let go of things that don’t matter. Hire a masseur for your room, and have them bring wine with them. Alternatively, book a self-catering cottage and don’t speak to a single soul other than your spouse and the calypso minstrels on the beach if you don’t want to. Gross Islet is probably the best place to stay on the island for honeymooners and isn’t far from St. Lucia’s gorgeous tropical rainforest. 

Florence, Italy

The second of our honeymoon destinations is in Florence, Italy. Italy is often seen as the country of romance, and nowhere in Italy feels more romantic than Florence. When you stay in Florence, you’re staying in the biggest city in the country’s Tuscany region – and that’s where most of the great Italian wine comes from. That’s a good excuse to book yourself a tour of a vineyard and sample some while you’re there! Private villas with incredible views are available to hire all year round, and there are some high-end art galleries if you want to experience a little culture. Despite its city status Florence is actually part of the beautiful Italian countryside. So if you’d like your relaxing honeymoon to feel a little rural, this might be the best way to go about it.  

Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset on the beach
Image by Brian Weck from Pixabay

The third of our honeymoon destinations is Hawaii. You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome in Hawaii – it’s what the islands pride themselves on. The friendliness of Hawaii has almost become a cliche. You can even see it reflected at online slots websites, where slots like “Happy Hawaiians” use the Hawaiian vibe to attract players. The fact that “Happy Hawaiians” is just one of literally dozens of online slots that use the Hawaiian theme is an indicator of just how far that cliche goes! The stereotype is rooted in reality, though. The people who made those online slots aren’t lying to you – Hawaii truly is one of the happiest places on Earth, and Oahu might be the best place to learn the truth of that. Turtle Bay Resort claims to specialize in entertaining and welcoming honeymooners, and there are certainly worse ways to spend a week or two than taking them up on the offer. If you do, you’ll get private hot tubs, a private butler service, and even private horse riding lessons if the mood takes you!

Vanua Levu, Fiji

The fourth of our honeymoon destinations is Fiji. We’re aware that this is the third paradise island we’ve included on our list, but it’s hard to escape the idea of paradise islands when you’re talking about relaxation. Cutting yourself off from the rest of the world for a little while is often a good idea when you’ve spent the past several months trying to speak to and organize large groups of people! Fiji is a stunning place to visit for any kind of vacation, and Vanua Levu is probably the jewel in Fiji’s crown. It’s not a coincidence that the hit television producer’s show “The Bachelorette” chose it as a location. You’ll find special honeymoon packages available at the Koro Sun Resort, which offers a seven-day stay for newlyweds priced at less than three thousand dollars at the time of writing. That money gets you candlelit dinners, access to the rainforest spa, and much more.

Provence, France

Provence, France
Image by Caro Sodar from Pixabay

Our fifth destination is France. Most people want to visit France at least once during their lifetime, and it’s hard to think of France without thinking of Paris. Paris’s only problem is that it’s often extremely crowded, and (with no disrespect intended to its residents) it’s sometimes not the friendliest place for visitors to be. If you want a genuine taste of French hospitality, go to Provence instead. It’s a lot warmer than Paris for a start, situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast close to Italy and surrounded by picture-postcard olive groves and valleys. The whole French Riviera is on your doorstep, and it’s easy to get there and back within a day from your hotel. Paris might have a tower, but Provence has all the scenery and comfort. 

We could easily have added more locations to this list, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. If you’re currently planning a wedding, we imagine you’ve already felt overwhelmed enough times during the past few weeks to last you a lifetime! We’ve stuck to five places that we’re confident that you’ll have a great, relaxing time. If you choose to follow our advice, we hope you have a wonderful experience that you’ll remember forever. 

Featured Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels