When planning a wedding, there are very few decisions as significant as choosing what venue to hire for your wedding. And while making this decision is easy for some couples, most find it quite challenging to find and select a suitable wedding venue. If you are planning a wedding and trying to decide on a venue, below are five things to consider before you choose a venue for your wedding.

1. What Is Your Budget?

The first thing you need to know about choosing your wedding venue is if you can afford to rent it. There is no point looking at venues that can accommodate the grandest of weddings if you can only afford to pay for a modest location. Having a clear budget lets you narrow down your options and know exactly what is available so you can choose from them.

2. Is The Venue Available for Your Dates?

The date you get married is most likely very important to you. But it is important to remember that weddings happen all the time, and some venues can be booked out week upon week for a whole year. Before you choose a venue, you will need to contact its management to check what their existing calendar looks like to ensure that the venue has not already been booked and is available for use on your special day.

3. How Big Is The Venue?

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If your dream wedding involves having two thousand people holding candles while you and your betrothed walk a long aisle littered with rose petals, then you definitely do not want a wedding venue hire that can only seat a hundred people. Make sure that the venues you shortlist and eventually choose from, have enough space to accommodate your guests to avoid having a cramped up event.

4. Where Is The Venue Located?

Location is another key consideration. Is it in an area that is far from most of your guests’ homes? If you are going to have a separate wedding ceremony, is the venue going to be close to the church, or will guests have to take a long commute from the church to the reception? Is the venue in a busy part of town where guests will have to wade through traffic to reach it? Will transportation be available? Is it too remote? These location-based considerations can and do affect how many people will be willing to come out and celebrate with you on your big day.

5. Does The Venue Offer In-House Catering?

If you are inviting people to celebrate with you and your new spouse, you will need to feed them, whether it be a seven-course meal or an all-you-can-eat buffet. The question is, does the venue offer catering as an ancillary service, or will you also need to hire a caterer to sort out feeding logistics?

Choosing the right wedding venue is not always easy, and the considerations above will help guide you to make the best choice. If you are looking for a wedding venue, VenueFinder offers an expansive list of top quality locations to host your dream ceremony.

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