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Five Things You Need to Know About Injunctions In Florida

When you need an injunction in the state of Florida, you need to know what will happen when you hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will ask for an injunction when you need one, but you need to understand what will happen. Each tip listed below about injunctions ensures that you can get the help you need without being or feeling irresponsible.

1. Present Evidence To Your Attorney

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You can work with injunction attorneys Johnson & Lufrano when you need an injunction.  You must present evidence that will support your request for an injunction. Domestic violence will include any evidence that a spouse or children could be endangered. Repeat violence involves at least two separate incidents.  Dating violence requires you to prove you are in imminent danger.

Sexual violence could involve either adults or children, and stalking might include cyberstalking. Allow your attorney to determine the type of injunction you need.

2. What Type Of Injunction Do You Need?

You need to ask your lawyer what type of injunction you need. Your lawyer will use your evidence to determine the type of injunction you need, and there are cases when you may want to get a special order from the court that suits your situation. When a relationship goes bad, you need to define what is happening. Dating violence involves someone you do not live with. Domestic violence involves someone in your home. Stalking happens when someone you do not know or do not have contact with seems to be in your life for no reason.

3. How Long Does The Injunction Last?

You must ask your lawyer how long the injunction will last. You can get an injunction for up to 90 days, and your lawyer can petition for more injunctions in the future. You may need time to file criminal charges or move to a safe place. Your lawyer can monitor the situation, and they will let you know what they can do to protect you going forward. However, you should not try to handle the situation on your own if the injunction expires. Allow your attorney to get a new injunction or ask for criminal charges to be filed.

4. Can You Renew Injunctions?

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Your lawyer is the only person who can renew your injunction. You cannot go to court because you do not have the experience needed to complete this process. Your lawyer knows how to fill out the forms, and they will file the injunction with the right person. In fact, your lawyer can schedule an appointment with a judge to get the injunction filed quickly.

There are provisions in place for an emergency injunction, and these provisions allow your attorney to contact a court official for help. You should work with your lawyer if you think you need an emergency injunction.

5. Are Children Involved?

If children are involved, you should ask your lawyer to file a domestic violence petition. This is a good way to note that your children need protection from your spouse. You may need to file this petition because your spouse might try to pick the kids up from school, or you may need help because your child does not feel safe when they visit your ex.


If you are looking for injunctions in the state of Florida, you should work with a lawyer who can help you file your injunction. You can ask your lawyer to review all the evidence, and your lawyer will let you know how long the injunction will last. You can continue to extend the injunction, and your lawyer can work on other legal filings that are appropriate for your situation.

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