Getting married is an exciting time in any person’s life. Not only is that the celebration of a relationship, but it also means time to plan a wedding. Anyone that has ever had to plan a wedding knows just how stressful it can truly be. You can have a small simple wedding or you can have an extravagant affair with friends and family. The size of your wedding is going to be up to you and your future spouse. If you were thinking about doing a wedding, but you are still trying to figure out how you want to plan out a wedding where everybody has an activity or if you are trying to think of a destination wedding – time is of the essence. Let’s get started!

Fun Wedding Theme Ideas

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The best part about getting married is planning the celebration. If you are from a large family and a wedding means the entire family from both sides get together – then you may need to find not only just a location for a wedding, but you will need to add some activities for everyone to enjoy.

The “50’s era” theme for a wedding reception can be really fun. Imagine if you have a bunch of guests arrive at a location such as a hotel and they have a huge banquet room – this could be the perfect opportunity to finally unleash your inner child and go back to the 50s for some fun. Or, you this may just be a decade that you wish you would’ve been around to enjoy, because of the fashion and how everything was back then. You can hold your wedding earlier in the afternoon, then let all of your guests go back to their room and change into their 50s outfit. That can be really fun, but you also need to have activities for the reception.

Let’s talk about activities – of course you need to get the newly married couple their toast and of course all of the embarrassment speeches out of the way. Then, it is up to you to decide what you can do to engage all of your guests into activities. One really fun way to have a wedding reception with lots of activities and fun is by creating gambling stations. Who isn’t going to have fun playing some blackjack or possibly betting on the roulette table? You can even add more fun by turning the banquet room into a mini casino with lots of prizes and different types of bonuses for all of the winners.  It’s a good idea to get a party planner involved if you really want to do up the reception the right way. Especially if you have over 100 guests, you will want to have somebody there that can manage all of the activities and keep the fun a life. You can always have hourly contests where the top earners get some type of prize. You may want to utilize the Internet for some information when you want to find out how to do a casino for a wedding. You will want to know how to dish out all of the best well-deserved casino bonuses to the guests that have done the best throughout the night.

Let’s not forget all of the children that will be attending the wedding reception. You will want to have something to keep them busy, especially if all of the adults are wanting to gamble. You can actually hire a babysitting company to come in and do group activities for kids. They can play different types of games or you can even bring in basketball hoops and other types of games where they actually get to run around and play. That can be really good for tired parents after a long afternoon of partying. You also want to be sure that you also are serving lots of coffee, tea, and water for those guests that might need to take a timeout and relax before going back in.

The casino theme is very popular for weddings, but for also other types of engagements. You don’t just need to stick with the 50s, because you can also go with a movie theme like Casino or The Godfather.  You have the option to move it around a little bit, but it is essential to be sure that if you are going to have a large wedding and party afterwards that you have more than enough for all of your guests to do. Naturally, everyone is going to be engaged in lots of conversations and dancing, but there are those few people that are not really social. By having an activity where they can be doing something other than talking to people really is a great way to keep the people who are slightly recluse happy with an activity.

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