If you are hitting the road on two wheels, then you are officially a biker – and it doesn’t matter whether your chosen vehicle for the road is a speed-bike meant for speeding or a Harley meant for cruising. And if you know a great biker or are one yourself, then it can be a challenge to figure out what to buy when it comes to getting yourself or someone else something that’s really cool.

  1. Customized T-Shirts

Even the type of person who already has everything you can think of will always appreciate a cool t-shirt – especially if it carries a fitting slogan or logo. Can you think of someone who would love a shirt that says BORN TO RIDE, LIFE ON THE ROAD or even the name and logo of their club? Motorcycle clothing always makes a great gift for a biker – and especially when you’re on the road or on the track, it always helps to have an extra shirt just in case.

  1. Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle clothing also counts for your hands. Gloves for riding aren’t just a great fashion statement: Gloves also count for the rider’s safety, and they mean that the rider has more grip – and extra protection if they should take a rough spill. Oh, and it also keeps your hands warm when the wind is hitting you at several miles per hour. Usually, gloves come in small, medium and large: Make sure you check the rider’s size before ordering.

  1. Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are for safety just as much as they are for fashion: Choose an excellent quality, safety-accredited helmet so that you know it will count for the protection of the rider – and always make sure that you buy your helmets new to make sure that they have never experienced the “shock” of being impacted during an accident, which will affect how effectively a helmet protects the rider if it were to happen again. Helmets are available in small, medium, large and extra large – so you might need to measure first!

  1. A Go-Pro Kit (w/ Accessories)

Most bikers do what they do for the scenery: Riders see some really gorgeous things on the road. So, why not make sure that these moments stick around forever? Go-Pro systems are affordable and are great for recording the action as it happens – making it great for people who are into competitive riding and simply recording what they see on the road. And, if your chosen biker already has a go-pro kit in their collection, there are many accessories that can be added to it.

  1. A Sound System for Motorcycles

Love listening to music or radio on the road? Especially for long cruises this can be ideal – and there are many affordable, mountable sound systems available that can be attached right to the motorcycle; they also require very little effort to operate on the part of the rider, meaning that they don’t have to take their eyes off the road for a second to adjust the volume or skip to the next track.

  1. Mountable Handle-Bar Luggage Hanger

Do you know a biker who likes to take a lot of luggage on their cruises? Almost everyone does – you might even be that biker. Here’s the perfect gift for you: A mountable handle-bar luggage hanger that allows you to hook your luggage safely on the handle-bars of the bike – and it’s made from quality, durable stainless steel so you know that it will last.

  1. Stainless Steel Knee and Elbow Guards

This is a great gift for any riders who are involved in serious competitive riding – where it’s not uncommon to take a spill when you’re practicing for a trick you might not be familiar with yet, or when something just goes wrong. Stainless Steel Knee and Elbow Guards ensure that the rider is kept safe – even when they take a direct impact – and it can be the different between bruised and broken if your bike should go down. Stainless steel also means that they’re durable and easy to clean – and they won’t rust, even after long-term use and harsh conditions on the road.

  1. A Great, Comfortable Motorcycle Jacket

For the last entry on this list we’re going right back to motorcycle clothing: Almost any and every biker will appreciate a great, comfortable motorcycle jacket – and it’s something they’ll be wearing for years to come. Jackets protect the rider, and the best kids of jackets are reinforced with pads on the parts of the body that will most likely take the roughest impact in the event of a hit. Of course, that’s not all jackets do – they also keep the rider warm against the freezing cold that hits you during a ride and, for many, their jacket represents their life as a biker.