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Great Ways to Accessorize Your Kaftan

By definition, a kaftan is a robe. Going into details, however, a kaftan is a dress meant for women and is amongst the oldest fashion wear in the world. Kaftans were the daily wear for women even in Mesopotamia long before civilizations began. It is a long dress that covers the ankles and each of its arms goes to the waist. The material does not matter and solely depends on the taste of the wearer. Traditionally, kaftans were used to cover the body of the woman; to make her look more decent. Today, however, they are a chique and fashionable wear that appeals to everyone, even celebrities. However, after buying your kaftan for women online the question, is how do you accessorize your kaftan?

1. Pick a colorful option during the day

Kaftans are mostly meant to be worn during the summer times. They are therefore meant to be vibrant, elaborate, colorful and comfortable. If you have bought your kaftan online and plan on wearing it during the day, choose an elaborate, eye-catching and beaded print. You should also go for a long flowy one while short ones are also great for the beach, the longer flowy ones make you look more elegant and classy.

2. Belt up

Most times kaftans flow all the way to the ground without any particular shape. As a woman, you need your clothes to show your feminine curves. When wearing a kaftan, be sure to belt up. It does not matter whether you tie the belt on the side front of the back. A belt is a great option especially if you are wearing your kaftan to an evening function. Be careful not to choose a big belt. Slimmer belts work best for caftans.

3. Tie a knot at the bottom side

If you are wearing your long flowy kaftan to the beach, it may look too formal than if you were to wear a shorter one. To make your long kaftan seem shorter and have an asymmetrical look, tie a knot at one side of the bottom. It will make it easier to walk with through the sandy beach too! This is a great way of wearing your office kaftan to the beach without looking like you are out of place. It is also great in case it gets cold because you can untie the knot.

4. Throw a jacket over your kaftan for an official look

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Kaftans are trendy and great not just to wear to the beach but they can also be worn to the office with the right combination. If you choose to wear yours to the office, make sure it is long. Wear a jacket over it to give it that official look. If you choose to wear a shorter one, wear a trouser under it.

5. Choose the right shoes

There is nothing worse than wearing something elegant with the wrong shoes. If you are wearing your kaftan to the beach, it is fine to wear sandals or no shoes at all. If you are wearing it to the office, pair it with sandals that have a heel or wedges, not stilettoes, never stilettoes! Long kaftans look great with shoes that have a heel and shorter ones look great with sandals.

6. Accessorize your kaftan with good jewelry

Most women have trouble finding the right jewelry to wear with their kaftans. The type of jewelry you wear will either make the kaftan casual or somehow professional. You should always go for a gold bracelet for women. It will make your outfit stand out and get your skin to glow. Gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces will make the kaftan look great. Gold is also perfect because it goes well with most skin types.


A good kaftan look ensures that you look and feel good about yourself. While it might not be easy at first, eventually you will know what works for you and the places you visit to accessorize your kaftan.

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