Marijuana Sprouts

A friend of mine recently started growing his own marijuana plant at home and amoxil price bragged to me about the little to no effort he has put in to (hopefully) grow his us seed bank weed in the convenience of his backyard. In the spirit of learning something new and being a plant-parent myself, I decided to try my hand at growing Marijuana plants at home.

Full disclosure: I am not a professional and do not claim to be, nor do I have any experience growing anything other than an assortment of house plants and landscaping plants. What you will read in this series is purely my own opinion formed by my own experiences, and what I have found works or does not work for me.

Part 1: Getting Started Growing Marijuana Plants at Home

I’m not sure what I expected marijuana seeds to look like, but they’re honestly nothing unique- small, with a slightly yellow or cream-like color. My friend gave me ten seeds to start with, so I decided to experiment with which germination method would work the propecia best- paper towel or soil?

Marijuana Seeds

I placed 5 of the seed on a damp paper towel in a shallow dish and positioned them on a windowsill that receives bright, indirect light all day. I planted the other half of the seeds approximately a ½ inch deep into a cactus potting soil and perlite mixture. I felt this mixture would be appropriate for the seeds, enhancing proper drainage and (hopefully) optimum growth. I placed this container outside in an area that receives at least 4-6 hours of direct sun and lots of summer rain. I watered the outside pot daily (if it didn’t rain) and sprayed the paper towel as soon as I noticed it was dry (about 1-2x daily) for a little over a week.

After about a week, I noticed tiny green dots just below the surface of the potting soil, which quickly turned into three little sprouts, each growing its own leaves.

Marijuana Sprouts

The seeds in the damp paper towel appeared the propecia order online same, with only 1 of the five seeds creating a very small root. If your seeds are not growing by now, you might want to consider buying bulk weed Canada.

Care for your Growing Marijuana Plants

As for care, I plan to continue to water the outside pot daily or when the soil is dry. I will continue spraying the paper towel seeds to see if there’s any change. Based on the lack of progress of the paper towel method and flagyl usa price online the already significant growth of the soil seeds, I predict that placing the seeds in the soil is the best method for these marijuana seeds.

I hope you are as excited as we are to see them grow- tune in next month to follow along in their progress on Growing Marijuana Plants at home Part II!

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