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As you can see, our cannabis plants have been growing like crazy over the past month! The three seeds we planted have taken root and bcicac.com zithromax started growing like… well, weeds. We decided to repot our plants since they can grow to up to 13 feet tall outdoors. Obviously, the height of the pot plants depends mainly on environmental conditions, watering, and the dtmsigns.com kamagra strain of cannabis but…better safe than sorry, right?

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pot plants

As far as plant care, we have not been doing anything out of the ordinary- I check the soil every day using my thumb or a moisture meter to see how wet or dry the soil is. If the soil is dry, I’ll water it generously until I see water come out of the bottom drainage hole. I’ve found that I end up watering about every other day or so due to the hot and humid weather we’ve been having lately. My mother taught me an old trick to water plants was to place banana peels in warm water and let them sit for at least 24 hours. The longer, the better- you’re allowing the nutrients in the peel to seep out and break down into the water slowly. After at least 24 hours, water your plants with the uk online zithromax banana water to give your beloved plants an added nutrient boost! Banana peels contain manganese, sodium, and potassium, which helps with the photosynthesis process and allows for increased water flow between cells.

Repotting any plant is not an arduous task but can be tedious. And when repotting small plants, there is an extra layer of care when handling the fragile, thin roots. To repot a cannabis plant (or any plant really in general), follow these helpful steps:


1. Potting Mix (premixed or your DIY mix- we chose the always reliable MiracleGro)

2. Cannabis plant ready for repotting

3. New pot

4. Spade

5. Gloves (or use your hands)

6. (Optional) a bamboo stick and plant tape

7. (Optional) plant mat for easy cleanup


1. Gather the necessary items.

2. Fill your new pot with potting mix.

3. Use old pot size to gauge how much mix you will need to add to your pot.

4. Carefully extract your weed plant(s) from the old pot, making sure to cause as little damage to the roots as you possibly can.

           *As you can see in the video, we had 3 of the cannabis plants in one small pot, so I used my hand and my spade to carefully detach all roots and buy usa zovirax soil from the sides of the pot, trying not to rip roots or damage the plants at the same time.

5. Transport your plant to your new, bigger pot—Pat down all the soil surrounding your plant, creating a stable base. Add more soil if needed.

6. Carefully insert your bamboo stick for added support and/or plant tape if necessary.

7. Water with your banana water and watch them grow. J

Tune in next month to see their growth in their new homes!



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