How Are Entertainers Doing during COVID-19?
Image by Igor Ovsyannykov on Pixabay

Most careers have changed to some degree since the beginning of 2020. Whether you’re a barista who now has to take orders behind a sheet of plastic or a lawyer having to handle cases over Zoom- these changes feel almost every day now. The entertainment industry wasn’t untouched by this. Theaters are closing their doors, some permanently and some forever, and comedy clubs are shut down until further notice.

It might feel like entertainers have no chance of surviving in this economy- but that’s not the case! Like any other job, the industry has changed and flexed to accommodate entertainers. Here’s how they’re keeping afloat during COVID-19.

Virtual Performances

Virtual musician
Photo by Davis Sanchez from Pexels

This type may seem like the most obvious thing, and it’s true! Many performers have moved to online acts to draw in crowds without risking illness. Everyone from adult entertainers to singers who used to fill stadiums are now performing digitally. Although some of these performances are free, others have charged upwards of hundreds of dollars for people to view them live. Think of it like pay-per-view television, where you can support them and feel that human connection without being in a real audience.

Focusing On Socials

Now’s the premium time to focus on networking. Many entertainers are working on beefing up their online presence. Youtube has seen a massive rise in the number of people uploading, mostly thanks to people realizing their worth and the site’s capability to create stars.  

Others are moving to heavily promoting themselves on Twitter, where you can find anything from acrobats to singers for hire without having to leave your couch. This work means that once there’s viable vaccination available, they’ll be able to find leads and work easier.

Social Distanced Performances

social distancing
Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

You don’t have to be face to face with singers to be able to enjoy their skills. In fact, for some performers, a little distance shows off their talent. Some performers are offering socially distanced shows. At these, you can either sit in marked areas that are over six feet apart or drive up and listen to them give it their all. There’s something about a live performance that digital shows will unfortunately never be able to replace. These get us close enough to what we used to have without getting so tight that it’s infectious.

Changing Up The Act

Not every performer is sticking to their same old schtick! Some comedians are taking advantage of apps like Tiktok that let them edit their videos for comedic timing, while singers are taking up podcasting or doing live shows where you can watch them create and sing a new piece all in one go. Many have turned to sites like Patreon that lets them get paid directly by their fans to create new content to keep people entertained when it feels like there’s nothing further to do.  

Entertainers are inventive, creative, and forward thinkers- that’s why they’re able to survive in one of the most cutthroat industries out there. This pandemic isn’t going to stop them; it’s just going to give them a chance to show how flexible they can be.