minimalist wedding

Minimalism is no longer a buzzword. Many people now accept that it is the perfect way to save money while focusing on the things that actually matter.  It is no different when it comes to planning for weddings.  A big wedding will leave you spending sizable sums on everything including food, decoration, dressing, photography and more. A minimalist wedding on the other hand, focuses on just covering the basics without bothering about what the guests will think about the day. You also get to save a lot of money that can go towards other things that can make you happy, such as paying for that honeymoon or buying your first home as a couple.   These tips highlight what you need to do for that excellent minimalist wedding.

Trim down your invite list

If your wedding invite list includes everyone you have ever met, it will be harder to call it a minimalist wedding. The budget will also have to expand to accommodate the list of invitees because a few elements will be affected. A big list means a bigger wedding venue as well as more food and drinks. A bigger venue means paying more for bits like lighting, decorations and even security. Your list for a minimalist wedding should include your immediate family and close friends that you really want to see on that day.

Forget the superficial bits


General wedding planning usually includes a lot of fancy stuff that can be classified as “nice to have but not important”. Do you really need to order a bespoke wedding dress? Does your invitation have to be engraved and scented? Do you need to hire a limousine for the day? You don’t need an engagement party or a 10-tiered cake. Your bridesmaids don’t have to be dressed in the same attire.

A rented wedding gown that fits you can work. Your Mercedes car can be decorated with ribbons and artificial flowers and it would still look the part. Focus on functionality instead of aesthetics.

Consider the time

You can slash the cost of your wedding by simply moving it to a weekday. Similarly, weddings held during the winter periods are generally cheaper as venue managers, caterers and even photographers will be delighted to offer a discount as it is not the usual wedding season.  So spend a bit more time on choosing your wedding dates.

Get help

Many people will gladly help if you ask them to part of your big day. From making gifts and décor items to photography, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of anyone in your circle that can do the job. This comes with the advantage of adding a more personal touch to the preparations. However, it is important to ensure you trust the right people to avoid disappointments. If they are not sure about their abilities, don’t force things.

With these tips, you can effectively plan that minimalist wedding you want.

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