How to Achieve the Bridal Glow Before the Big Day
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Preparing a wedding is never as easy as it seems. Between searching for the most suitable venue, deciding on an appropriate guest list, and of course, shopping for the perfect wedding dress, there’s an endless array of obstacles to get through before the big day finally comes. And now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, planning your wedding has become all the more difficult. Luckily, even in the time of COVID-19, there are still some things you can do to prepare for your special day, starting with how you can achieve the bridal glow! 

Wedding beauty timelines & why they matter

As you probably know, preparing for a wedding requires a lot of time and effort to make the occasion as delightful and special as it’s supposed to be. Similarly, establishing a wedding beauty timeline before the big day is crucial for the bride to glow while walking down the aisle. So, whether you’re hoping to shed some weight, improve your complexion, or simply enhance your overall appearance, follow this wedding beauty timeline to learn about some of the best ways to achieve the bridal glow before the big day!

 Revamp your diet

Even if you’ve already secured the dress of your dreams, it’s critical to monitor your diet as you count down the days to saying, “I do.” Make no mistake— paying attention to the foods you eat and calories you consume doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge every once in a while. After all, gaining too much weight isn’t the only consequence of a poor diet. Losing too much weight can also play a role in how well your dress fits you and, therefore, affect your ability to look amazing on your wedding day.

Instead of depriving yourself of the sweet treats you usually love or starving yourself a week before the wedding, try to take a healthier approach when revamping your diet. Start by swapping out the convenient, processed foods with portion-control plates that contain at least a little of the most important four-quadrant foods such as grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. This will allow you to monitor your food intake and tailor your consumption to better support your bridal glow goals. 

Revamp your diet
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To take it one step further, you can also rid your pantries of sugary snacks and replace them with healthier alternatives like nuts, yogurt, and seeds so that you’re snacking becomes more strategic throughout the day. Making small adjustments like these will make it easier to regulate your diet the right way and carry this habit with you post-wedding. 

When to Revamp Your Diet: The noticeable changes that can come from revamping your diet won’t happen overnight. The results from dietary changes can range anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your efforts, consistency, and genetics. With that in mind, it may be beneficial to give yourself seven to eight months in advance to develop a more nutritional diet plan. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure you not only look but also feel your best as you walk down the aisle on your special day.

Revive your skincare regimen

Although you may normally have a clear, healthy-looking complexion, this can quickly change in a blink of an eye when you’re planning a wedding amid a global pandemic. Stressful situations like this can wreak havoc on your skin if no preventative measures are taken. From developing breakouts, unexplainable rashes, under-eye bags, and more— there’s no telling how your complexion may look come time to marry. That’s why reviving your skincare regimen is a must for achieving the bridal glow.

While this may seem pretty straightforward, reviving your skincare regimen can actually be quite complicated if you don’t have a basic understanding of your skin type. The products you use and the steps you follow should be specialized to meet your skin’s needs. Just because you’re breaking out does not mean you can use any ole’ acne product to treat your skin. Remember to factor in your skin’s other characteristics, such as how sensitive or reactive it is, before trying out new skincare products and different ingredient formulas. 

For optimal results, consider scheduling an online appointment with a dermatologist. Especially if you’re looking to treat a particular skin condition like acne, it’s best to consult with a certified physician first as they’ll help you better understand the type of breakouts you’re dealing with and find the right acne products to target your blemishes. Thus, allowing you to accurately address your skincare concerns, save time and money, and ultimately, support your wedding skincare goals.

When to Revive Your Skincare Regimen: Giving yourself at least six months of consistent use is ideal for achieving the ultimate bridal glow as different products can impact your timeline to visible results. Be sure to weigh in the timeline of certain skincare products and active ingredients before choosing which treatments to use on your skin. To help you narrow down the skincare ingredients for your bridal look, check out the infographic below!

Achieve the Bridal Glow with skincare

Revitalize your hair

Just as it’s necessary to focus on skincare in preparation for your wedding day, it’s also equally important to dedicate time towards your wedding hair care regime since this will further add to your beauty in bloom. And fortunately, on account of the public outing restrictions caused by COVID-19, there is no better time than the present to give your hair a break from the styling tools and boost your hair care routine.

During this preparation period, revitalize your hair with damage repair oils, heat protectant sprays, and leave-in hair masks. They can do wonders for your bridal look. As you get closer to your special day, these treatments improve shine, volume, texture, and repair split ends. Keep in mind that like your skin, your hair has its own set of unique needs, so you must make sure you’re using products that support its style. Brides with thin, straight, colored-hair should not use the same hair care products as brides with thick, curly, all-natural colored-hair. Doing so can worsen its appearance and cause further damage to the hair, so make sure to do some research before revitalization.

Revitalize your hair
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Apart from performing hair care treatments at home, you should also be making a point to determine how you’d like your hair to look on your wedding day as this can contribute to the way you look and feel on a day you’ll never forget. This may be a good time to contact your hairstylist and schedule a trial run for your hair. Or, if you plan on taking matters into your own hands, now is the time to start thinking about the wedding hairstyle you’d like to rock on this memorable day. Whether that means fixing your cut, touching up your roots, or adding highlights, get ready to get glowing!

When to Revitalize Your Hair: Unlike most skincare products, most hair care treatments can provide you with visible results instantaneously and do not require everyday use! That being said, these types of products can be used from the beginning to the end of your wedding beauty timeline. When it comes to determining the wedding day, look for your hair. However, try to give yourself a three-to-six-month window to schedule any initial appointments with a hairdresser. This way, if the color, cut, etc., doesn’t come out the way you’d hoped, you’ll have plenty of time to fix it before the wedding day. For final touch-ups, try to book appointments seven to ten days before the wedding.

When to Revitalize Your Hair
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Relax, renew & rejoice

Above all, remind yourself to relax, renew, and rejoice during the process! Despite any hurdles you and the rest of your wedding team may have encountered throughout this time, at the end of the day, this is yours and your partner’s special day. Don’t let any coronavirus-related implications or beauty timeline mishaps get in the way of celebrating your special day with the people you love the most. 

Remember that the bridal glow isn’t all about what you do to yourself on the outside, rather, the beauty that radiates from within. So no matter what obstacles you endure, don’t forget to smile, stand tall, and commemorate the new life chapter that lies ahead of you. Congratulations to you, bride!

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