Wave Washer

Hi there! I am Stoned Unicorn and sale au propecia I am going to walk you through how to properly clean your bong/glassware.  I used to clean my Bong by hand so I’ll share those steps first but recently I came across the Wave Washer which makes the entire process so simple and fast.

Old School Cleaning by hand

First, get your dirty a** bong.

Bong water is NOT good water. Be sure to clean your glassware after EVERY use.

Next, disassemble your bong as best as you can and get ready to soak it in hot water. but first … clean out your bowl.

Simply grab a toothpick or anything else similar (like a paperclip) and insert it into the generic proscar bowl. This will push out all of the old weed and residue from your last session.

After you have done this, the next best thing to do is go ahead and get some hot water running for the bong itself.

Dump your dirty water …

and thoroughly run hot water through the top while you continue to clean your bowl.

Grab some rubbing alcohol and seal off the bottom of the bowl with your thumb.

Pour in the rubbing alcohol on top and let it sit for about 30 seconds. This loosens up that hard to get resin. After 30 seconds, dump the alcohol and rinse with hot water.

Now grind up some more dopeness and buy propecia pills get smoking!

New School cleaning by Wave Washer

Cleaning your Bong with the buy cheapest priligy au Wave Washer

The Wave Washer is the way to go for those who don’t have the time or patience to clean your bong after every use. It is the easiest and fastest way to clean a bong. It can be challenging to clean with all the small bends in the glass. The bend in the glass looks great and controls the amount of smoke you inhale, so you don’t cough up a lung. But when it comes to cleaning, they suck. I could never get my small bong clean well and was forced to put it in retirement till I could figure out how to clean it. I tried all different types of cleaners, and nothing could get to the bent glass inside to clean it. Thanks to the excellent Wave Washer, I cleaned it and added it back into rotation. It is so easy to use. You still use alcohol, but no harsh chemicals are needed.

Wave Washer

Just add the alcohol in the bong and cap the online shop ciprofloxacin australia sosconsulting.net.au ends with handy finger condoms provided. Fill the container up with water till the dirty parts are submerged underwater. Drop the metal end of the wave washer in the receptacle and hit the on button. It has a timer in the plug, so no need to turn on your kitchen timer. For smaller detachable pieces that can be removed from your bong, place them in a Ziplock bag with alcohol, drop them in the container of water, and turned it on. The results are amazing. It took a fraction of the time to clean and dosage generic cialis no harsh chemical smells. The Wave Washer is the way to go to clean all your cannabis/ tobacco pipes and bongs. I know what I am getting all my stoner friends for gifts because most of them are just as lazy as me when cleaning my bongs.

xx Stoned Unicorn