cleaning your hookah

Do you enjoy smoking a Hookah as much I do? On a trip to Egypt years ago, I got to experience the Hookah for the first time sitting in one of their many Hookah cafes, just sitting enjoying the social aspect and diflucan order relaxing atmosphere. Fast forward years, I now enjoy the Hookah in the buy cheapest zithromax online comfort of my own home and have since added a little Cannabis to the bowl. But with this great smoking device I have had to learn how to pack your Hookah and how to clean your Hookah. 

Don’t be intimated by all the tubes and parts that are attached to the Hookah. It just takes a little knowledge and practice to become a pro at putting a Hookah together and, more importantly, to keep it clean. Thus enabling you to have that perfect hookah experience every time in the comfort of your home and the ability to enjoy your Cannabis in a new way. 

To navigate your Hookah, we will walk you through the process below for your DIY guide to cleaning your Hookah. There are many different techniques of smoking the Hookah, various tricks, and favorite flavors of Cannabis and shisha mixed for an out-of-this-world high. Learning the basics of Hookah will help you decide which style fits you best!

how to clean your Hookah

After each day/night of use, I recommend basic cleaning and a more rigorous cleaning once per month. Check our simple steps below and kamagra professional our short video of each step.




  • Table salt 
  • Small pipe brush
  • Large pipe brush
  • Dish soap (we used Ajax)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lemon juice

Step 1: Take apart the online shop cipro canada Hookah. Disassemble the base and stem, removing the hoses as well. 

Step 2: To wash the hoses, squirt a small amount of dish soap and hot water (not boiling, as you don’t want to ruin the hose) into one of the sides. To clean throughout the entire hose, hold both ends and alternate up-and-down movements or run water directly through and out of the hose for at least 1 minute. 

Step 3: To clean the stem, add dish soap to a pipe brush (small or large, depending on the size of your hookah stem). Douse your brush in water to get a soapy effect, then twist and push the pipe brush back and forth through the stem top and buy sale kamagra then bottom. Once all residue has been cleaned off the sides, rinse the stem by running hot water through it until all soap is gone.

Step 4: Rinse the base out with water, add a generous amount of rubbing alcohol and table salt. Use a larger pipe brush to clean the corners and sides- you might need to bend or adjust your brush to get in the crevices. Using the table salt creates an abrasive liquid that forcefully removes all buildup from the inside. 

Step 5: Once the base is completely cleaned inside, add a small amount of lemon juice and water and swish around to alleviate some of the intense alcohol smell. 

Step 6: Air or hand dry all pieces and parts- ensuring they are all completely dry before re-assembling the Hookah. 

To clean the outside of the Hookah, use hot water and dish soap with a scrubbing brush. Use a microfiber cloth to dry. You can also use glass cleaner to clean the exterior for an additional shine.

Now you have a clean Hookah ready for your next smoke, enjoy!

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