Gemstone Jewelry

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of preparation that goes into planning a wedding. A big part of that is the bridal look: the dress, hair, makeup, and jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, more and more brides are choosing to forego the traditional shiny diamond look for a more unique and memorable bridal look, complete with gorgeous gemstones.

Whether you go for a blue topaz to complement your bridal palette or prefer the pink sapphire ring, gemstone jewelry will always provide a way for adding color and style to your entire look. You can also decide on a variety of gemstone colors to reflect the floral accents of your wedding, helping to pull together the entire wedding look.

Gemstones Rings

Gemstones Rings
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When selecting your engagement and wedding rings, there are many options to choose from. Precious gems are definitely the right choice to go with because these offer a style that is unique from what people have always known. If you find that the bright colors of red rubies, blue sapphires, and green emeralds are quite strong, you can go for the citrus peridot, violet tanzanite, or the rosy pink tourmaline. So, just stop by a gemstone jewelry store for some of the most unique and stylish wedding rings

Bridal Gems

Irrespective of your wedding’s color scheme, putting a delicate jewel tone on your white dress always adds a natural yet luxurious touch to your entire look. Vintage pendants with gemstone designs look chic and romantic and can be an excellent addition to your bridal look. Do not hesitate to put on additional gemstone rings to compliment your engagement and wedding rings.

For instance, you can go for the birthstone or select a gem that marks your engagement month. The good thing about gemstone jewelry is that you do not need to forgo the classic white diamond completely. You can incorporate both your diamond and gemstones into your wedding jewelry and making your day unique and memorable.

Gemstone Earrings

You can pair the style of your neckline with a proper adornment to add character to your wedding outfit. If you are wearing a strapless dress, skip the necklace and go for an elegant pair of chandelier earrings as your alternative. For a sleek appearance, you can wear clear crystal, or you may need to add a punch using a hint of color. Try going for a meaningful gem such as the birthstone or choose a hue from the floral components of your bridal bouquet. If you want to achieve a flirty look, you can add some fresh flowers to your hair to create an organic feel. The possibilities are endless!

Bottom Line

Wedding jewelry is meaningful and not something that should be picked lightly. After all, your wedding look is not something you will soon forget, and your engagement ring – even more so.

Before you can decide on using gemstones for your wedding, you need to know that gems often range in price because some stones are more valuable compared to others. In most cases, the smaller pieces which are usually delicate come with affordable price tags.

The good thing is that wearing the birthstone will leave you feeling incredibly special. Additionally, your gemstone jewelry will become a memento of your special event long after the ceremony is complete. You will treasure the gem forever to the extent of passing it to your family members, allowing you to create a sentimental memory of the jewelry.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Tasha Kamrowski from Pexels