How to Ensure That Your Wedding Is One to Remember
Photo by Álvaro CvG on Unsplash

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and one you will remember for the rest of your life. You want it to be a special celebration of your love and the beginning of your new life together with your spouse. But it’s also an awesome excuse to throw a killer party. This is a perfect excuse to get all the people you love and care about in one room to celebrate you and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

There are a lot of things you want your wedding to be like. You want it to be beautiful, classic, fun, and most of all, memorable. There are plenty of simple tips and tricks to guarantee you have a great wedding that people will be talking about for years. Start by creating a great event on the day and make sure there are accessories and ways to remember the overall celebration. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your wedding is one to remember.

Look and feel your best.


While you want to be sure everyone else has a good time at your wedding, the day really is all about you. You need to start by looking and feeling your best. Because if you’re glowing all day, people are sure to remember it. Of course, the wedding dress is the star of the show, but you can’t forget about the extra jewels and gems you can make a statement with. Your earrings and jewelry should be fabulous and memorable. Whether you go with studs, hoops, or statement earrings, having those extra pieces that stand out will create that look that people won’t be able to stop talking about.

Have a photo and video opportunities.

Memories are great, and making sure those special memories are documented is even better. To really make your wedding one remember, be sure you have plenty of photo and video opportunities. If you have it in the budget, you’ll definitely want to hire a professional photographer and videographer. Then they can focus on capturing the memories, and you can enjoy them. It can also be fun to have a photo booth station for your guests or a scrapbook where guests can snap a polaroid and write a fun message.

Use a wedding hashtag.

In the age of social media, wedding planning got a whole lot more interactive. A fun way to engage with your guests leading up to the wedding and during the festivities is to use a wedding hashtags. This way, people can post their own photos and videos in a digital scrapbook that you can look back at and enjoy.

Don’t be stingy on the beverages.


Weddings are parties, and if you really want your guests to enjoy themselves, keep the food and alcohol coming. Splurging for the open bar can be a great way to create a memorable night, that ideally, everyone will remember. This will allow people to let loose and have a good time without worrying about running up a tab.

Keep with some traditions, ditch others.

Getting married comes with plenty of different traditions. It can be natural to feel pressure to do everything just right, but if certain traditions don’t speak to you as a couple, it’s okay to ditch them! Stick to what you know and enjoy. The more you be yourselves, the more memorable the day will be.

Exit in style.

Every good event needs a great ending. When you’re leaving your reception, exit in style; maybe that’s a sparkler send-off or people throwing rice in celebration. Whatever it is, make sure you have that great moment at the end of your special day that will leave everyone in awe.

Featured Photo by Álvaro CvG on Unsplash