Dressing for a Wedding

Are you looking for a perfect dress to wear to a wedding? Although you may have a wide selection of outfits to choose from, dresses are no doubt among the best garments to wear to a wedding. They are not only elegant but also simple, comfortable and appropriate. The problem, however, is that most ladies don’t wear the right dresses for their body shape. Finding the perfect dress for you depends on your size, budget and most importantly, your body shape. While a certain dress may look perfect for one woman, it may be awkward and unshapely on another. This means that we should be very careful when selecting a dress, especially when it’s for a special occasion. Here, we will look at the different body shapes and the right dress to wear for those body shapes. We will also supply you with a few hints and tips for finding the perfect style to wear for a wedding.

perfect dress in body shape

The Circle Shape

You have a circle body shape if you tend to gain weight around the waist. Its is not the most flattering of shapes to be, but there are great ways that you can accentuate other areas of your body. For this type of body shape, look for a dress that will hide any extra pounds that you have gained around the waist. Think of a loosely fitting dress around the midsection. We highly recommend that you avoid any dresses that will attract attention on your waist. But short dresses will be great for showing off those slim legs and toned calves! Among the best dresses are shift dresses. A loosely fitting dress made of silk would be perfect for a wedding.

The Perfect Dress: Try to choose a loose shift dress in subtle colours. Obviously white for a wedding is a big no no, but choosing a subtle grey or blue will make you look understated and classy. You can pair your dress with some killer heels and some striking jewelry. Accessorising is a great way to draw attention away from any of your problem areas too!

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The Triangle Shape

This shape is defined by narrow shoulders and torso and broader hips. This shape can be one of the shapeliest body shapes if dressed well. For such a body size, avoid oversized dresses or flares. The perfect dress would have an A-line skirt effect. Dresses with a wide neckline and dipped v-neck will offset your fuller hips and give you an hourglass shape. A short and fitting dress would also work very well.

The Perfect Dress: Find a dress that accentuates the upper half of your body while toning down the lower section. This should balance you out and make you look shapely and smooth. Consider investing is a low hung pendant necklace to draw attention further to your upper body. You can also play around with patterns with these outfits. Consider wearing something floral or stripped to add interest and class to your look.

Choosing a Hat Tip: A great way to balance out the bottom heavy look of the triangle shape is by balancing it out with a fancy hat. Weddings are the perfect place to show off a great hat. Look like a royal and invest in a posh hat that accentuates your figure and adds interest to your style!

The Rectangle Shape

This is the straight-up-to-down body type. If you don’t choose the right outfit for this body type, you could risk looking a bit boyish. However, you can boost your beauty to a shapely look by choosing outfits that perfectly fit you at the waist but flare out towards your feet. This will create curves and boast your midsection.

The Perfect Dress: Invest in a plain or patterned long dress. One that brings you in around the waist and moves outwards as it trails towards the ground. Add a sparkly belt to further accentuate your waistline and give you a fuller figure.

Accessorizing Tip: Accessories are a great way to help accentuate your figure or to style up any problem areas on your body. Take a look at Allsaints discount codes to save money on your wedding accessories. You can find the perfect necklace, belt or hat without having to spend a lot of money!

With this guide to finding the perfect dress for a wedding for your body shape, you can never go wrong on the right dress for you. Next time you are attending a wedding and are unsure of what to wear, you can refer back to this guide. May your biggest decision today be which dress to buy next!

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