How to Find Wedding Suppliers

How to Find Wedding Suppliers – Wedding Suppliers That Can Deliver

Finding the right wedding suppliers is a must when planning your wedding. It would help if you made sure that you find wedding suppliers that can deliver items you request from their company. If you have a wedding planner planning your wedding, then more than likely, they would already have a list of reputable suppliers.

If you don’t have a wedding planner and are planning your wedding yourself, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to find reliable suppliers. You can start by checking bridal magazines. A wide variety of suppliers usually advertise in bridal magazines to market their business. Some magazines even have reviews from couples who used their services; this is beneficial for you to compare.

You can pick up your local phone book and do a little cold calling from the book’s wedding section. All suppliers in the phone book will talk to you about what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask them specific questions? Let them know precisely what you are looking for and make sure they have it before you waste any time on a face-to-face visit.

Internet is the King

Another great way, of course, is using the Internet. You can use Google to do a local search using the keywords “wedding suppliers.” If you want only local suppliers’ search results add your city name before the keywords. The Internet can give you a very long list of suppliers, and the prices will also be much more competitive as long as you don’t mind having a supplier that’s not local.

One way that is very popular to find a great pool of wedding suppliers is wedding fairs. Wedding fairs are usually held in most cities six months before the primary wedding season begins. They are generally held on the weekend, and I recommend you attend one if possible. Wedding fairs usually save you a lot of time by having many different wedding suppliers in one location at the same time.

You will find all sorts of vendors here, and I suggest taking a pen and notebook to get contact information from vendors that you might be interested in using. You can also take notes of supplies that you like and might be interested in.

Budget Wedding of Your Dreams – 8 Ways to Achieve It

If there’s anything that can kill the love buzz following your union with your dream-come-true, it would still be paying the bills a month later for a bridal reception that has already come and gone. Call me a cheapskate, but I don’t believe in splurging my single life’s savings on a wedding, not when there’s still a house to save for, countries to visit, and little mouths to feed. If you’re like me who believes that true timeless devotion is not measured by how much you spend on your wedding day, check out these tips and watch your resources go a long way.

1. Head for the fair

Long before your wedding day, spend a few weekends visiting bridal fairs. Not only will you find all the suppliers that you need, but you’ll also get them for the best prices. It is here that suppliers give discounts, freebies, and you might even be able to score a free lunch from one of the caterers who want your business.

2. Spot the profession services

Wedding cake
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Some creative types of wedding services are a sideline while keeping a day job as their primary money source. Look for professional services for every arrangement like photographers, cake designers, and floral arrangers who do this more for fun than for profit. They have the talent and passion and will do a good job. Make sure you see samples of their work, so you’ll know what to expect.

3. In with the new

Somewhere out, there is the next immense talent working hard to build a portfolio. These people have studied their craft and earned their skills-all they’re waiting for is someone willing to give them their big break. The tricky part is finding them, but it should not be impossible with everything online these days. Post a message on your favorite social networking site and advertise your need. The chances are high that you’ll have a friend who has a friend who can help you. This is particularly relevant for photographers, florists, caterers, and fashion designers.

4. Advertise your need

Be vocal about your need for affordable suppliers. Nobody will be able to help you if they don’t know what you need help with. Every chance you get, try to get in a word about your upcoming marriage and what suppliers you still need. The more choices you have, the better your chances of booking someone who won’t cripple your budget.

5. Employ the help of friends

Your real friends will be more than glad to help you out on your big day, even if it means squeezing you into their tight schedules. They can help you look for suppliers, strike good deals, and the wealthy ones might even foot the bill for you (but that’s a long shot). The talented ones can even be your supplier for free. Someone who takes pictures as a hobby might want to paparazzi for you, or a skilled baker might want to make desserts to add to your buffet.

Wedding suppliers
Image by Daniel Park from Pixabay

6. Go straight to the source

If you’re serious about getting more bang for your buck, check out places outside of the malls and go straight to the supplies source. Looking for affordable textiles, rings, and flowers might take you out of town, but it will also save you a lot of money. Make sure you plan your trips wisely so you don’t waste on gasoline the money that you will be saving on suppliers.

7. Forget the package

Package-schmackage. It only sounds like a good deal until you try putting all the suppliers together yourself, and then you realize that the package is just an overpriced set of wedding essentials that you could have put together yourself at a fraction of the cost. You will have to invest quite a bit of time putting it all together, but the result will be a more personal event that you will remember forever.

8. DIY

Some wedding essentials can be even more meaningful if you make them yourself. If you’ve got the talent (or know someone who has the skill) and the time, you can make your wedding souvenirs, invitations, drapings, AVPs, and purses for your bridesmaids. These personalized items could be the very things that make your wedding stand out in your guests’ memories.

Final thoughts

Do your research for the right wedding suppliers on the internet.  Always check to see if they have special sales and discounts. You may even save as much as 40% to 70% on your wedding supplies and expenses.  Get started early and give yourself plenty of time when planning your wedding.

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