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How to give your office an onscreen makeover

An office should allow you to be productive, motivated and creative in order to ensure you get through your workload and meet deadlines, but more often than not, your office space tends to be quite basic. If you could give your office a makeover, and perhaps you’re in the process of doing so, then you might be looking for some office inspiration. Furniture At Work have recreated some offices that you may recognise from your favourite films and TV shows and turned them into 3D floor plans to give you an idea of the layout of the office. If you’re looking to make use of your own office space or maybe you just want to get creative and give your office a transformation, then keep reading for some office inspiration.

Colour scheme

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If you work in an office then you won’t have much say in how it’s decorated, but some employers like to incorporate colour to the office walls in order to affect the mood of the employees. Colours can influence productivity and creativity, for example, a splash of orange can increase energy levels whereas a blue or green hue can give a more calming, relaxing vibe. If you can’t change the office colour scheme, consider adding some colourful accessories to your desk instead.


One thing that you need to ensure your office space has is plenty of light, as it’s one of the most important factors in ergonomics. Whether its natural light with your desk situated close to a window or if you just have the right amount of light from a desk lamp, lighting is important. The wrong lighting can cause eye strain which will affect your productivity. Fitting LEDs can save money and provide better quality lighting.


Having plenty of storage in your office is essential, as it allows you to clear away paperwork and keep your office free of clutter. A desk with drawers, filing cabinets and even bookshelves are great pieces to have in your office. A grand bookshelf like those featured in Dumbledore’s office in Harry Potter would be amazing but a bookshelf from floor to ceiling may seem a bit excessive in the workplace! It’s also worth investing in a decent, comfortable chair that will benefit your back. If you work at your desk a lot then you’ll want something that is sturdy, adjustable and good for your posture.


Studies have shown that having plants in the office can improve memory and concentration. Plants can add organic character and are also useful for reducing fatigue. If you’re looking for a small plant to place on your desk opt for something like a jade plant, peace lily or a snake plant. Fresh flowers in the office can give it a simple, fresh update without going out of the way and they can add a bit of personal touch, like how Miranda Priestley has flowers in her office in The Devil Wears Prada.


While it would be impressive to have a spectacular city view as your office backdrop like Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, it’s not something everyone can achieve. Instead, opt for some artwork to hang in your office to add character. Not only can artwork make the office look more creative, but it can also lower stress and increase wellbeing.

Whether you work in a big office or have your own office set up at home, remember that it’s important to have a workspace that allows you to be productive and remain focused. These are just some simple ways that you can give your office a makeover. Can you take any inspiration from #OnScreenOffices?

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