How to Have an Amazing & Magical Honeymoon, Even During a Pandemic
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Are you one of those newlyweds who had to postpone their honeymoon due to the imposition of the Coronavirus Pandemic? Or, worse, did you have to come back from the middle of a honeymoon to abide by the travel restrictions? If so, then we’re genuinely sorry for the loss of excitement and joy associated with the event.

Indeed, there is no recovery for the past. But what if we were to tell you that it is not too late. What if you could recreate the trip even more magically and amazingly? You must have suffered a delay in celebrating your relationship, but maybe, it’s time to make it up! 

Well, you seem a bit confused about a honeymoon during the pandemic. Perhaps, you did not hear about the popular travel destinations opening up, as the world strives to adjust to the pandemic. Now, you can have the honeymoon of your dreams, even during the pandemic!

Continue reading to unravel how. 

It’s time to resume, but cautiously. 

Travel with caution
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Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, the world seems to have halted all activity, particularly in travel. From conducting trade and providing essential services to enjoying life, everything seems restricted within the geographical and political borders.

In March 2020, the US state department enforced the highest level travel advisory, i.e., Level 4 Do Not Travel advisory. According to this, all unnecessary incoming and outgoing flights got suspended. And the airports closed down temporarily. Other countries observed similar travel bans too. About 93% of the global population became stuck within their countries, uncertain of the future to come and devastated by the abrupt cancellations of significant and exciting life events coming up.

The newlyweds and partners-to-be suffered a great deal too. They lost time, effort, and above all, the upcoming valuable moments. But the month of July brought some hope to these grief-stricken and desolate couples.

Several popular wedding locations and dreamy honeymoon destinations like the Maldives and Saint Lucia opened up as the intensity of COVID spread reduced. But, of course, the precautions are here to stay for a while. The world is not free of COVID yet.

And so this gives rise to hesitation and confusion. Is planning a honeymoon a wise thing to do, right? And even if you do, what would be the safest place to visit? Will it still be as magical as you initially imagined it to be? Well, allow us to help you figure that out rationally.

Dreamy Destinations for a Safe Honeymoon

Dreamy destination
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Now, let us tell you beforehand; there’s no point in scheduling the big-trip for some later time. You just got married – all that matters is now. Besides, COVID-19 has brought you some extra time at hand. Going on a honeymoon is an excellent way of making the most out of this time.

By now, almost all honeymoon destinations are ready to welcome you with open arms. But to make it safer for you, we have listed down the best island honeymoon locations. Since an island is usually less populated than urban centers, it’s likely to be much freer of the COVID germs. Plus, islands are often well-developed, exotically beautiful, accessible, and have stable economies. So, it’s going to be fun with all the necessary care.


The Maldives is a stunning South Asian Island present in the Arabian Sea. A lavish water body surrounds the island with a wonderful view to make your Maldives Honeymoon all the more magical! The island reopened international travel in July with no special travel restriction. However, several SOPs are still in effect to keep the spread limited. Moreover, the island has several on-water hotels with massive distances in between.


Reopened on the 4th of June, Saint Lucia is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of all time. It is popular mainly for its luxurious resorts, vibrant culture, lush rainforests, and high peaks. There’s too much to explore!

Additionally, this island’s tourism authorities are taking all necessary measures to make your St. Lucia Honeymoon safer than ever. They’re assessing both visitors and tourist service on the island individually.

About 27 hotels and resorts have complied with the standard COVID19 protocols and opened their gates for you! You can stay in the lavish Bay Garden Hotel or enjoy to your heart’s content at the luxurious Ladera Resort. 

Another cool perk of planning a St. Lucia honeymoon is that you get an opportunity to apply for second citizenship! Their COVID-19 Relief Bond program allows you to become a citizen only by investing 250k and residing there for 5years. After five years, you can even get your invested cashback to your account! 

Bora Bora Island 

The Bora Bora Island has also opened its doors to international travelers. It is a small yet beautiful South Pacific Island, present in the Northwest of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Numerous sand-fringed islets are surrounding the island, along with an astounding turquoise lagoon. With several luxury hotels, the Bora Bora Island got declared COVID-free due to strict and efficient distancing measures. With these SOPs still in effect, international travelers must provide evidence of being COVID-free too. 

Tips on Having COVID-friendly Fun 

 When you go on your honeymoon trip, remember to take precautions. Yes, it is natural to wonder about the fun of preventative measures and safety protocols on a trip. But, hey, remember we have a solution for everything. You need not kill the fun when a better alternative is available. Try having COVID-friendly fun! 

Go wherever you desire and eat whatever you want. Just do not forget to wear the mask and sanitize your hands. Keep some disinfectant wipes nearby and avoid touching your nose, eyes, or mouth. With these SOPs, everything will be okay!

Featured Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash