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Making your way to work each morning might feel monotonous. However, having fun with your office attire can add a little fun to your morning routine. Choosing your clothing based on your mood and putting together a seamless look can inspire you to stride into work confidently — and you might make your co-workers a little jealous in the process. 

This guide will break down some fashionista-tested tips for upgrading your work wardrobe. With the right style tricks, you can have fun with your clothing and be the talk of the office no matter the season. 

Don’t worry about how your co-workers are dressing.

When you work in an office, it’s easy to get swept up in how your co-workers might be dressing. And often, this can dull your inspiration. Your workplace might be full of jeans and T-shirts or navy blue suits. Either way, you have an opportunity to make your own style stand out. 

Remember that your fashion sense is totally up to you. As long as you adhere to office attire expectations and dress codes, you can express yourself freely. This could mean swapping your navy suit for a plaid blazer or adding a pair of floral pumps to your repertoire. You will feel more like yourself at work by dressing independently. 

Find flawless basics that you love

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Strong office style starts with quality basics that fit well and can pair with anything. Begin your quest for fashionable dressing by purchasing a handful of blouses, one versatile jacket, several pairs of slacks, and a dark pair of jeans. You should also have several pairs of shoes for each season. Remember that fit is key, so be sure to invest in tailoring when necessary. Once you get the basics of women’s work attire, you can build your collection of accessories and more trendy pieces. 

Snag some statement pieces

While your collection of basics will provide a foundation for your work wardrobe, your statement pieces will make you stand out. This is your opportunity to express yourself and push the boundaries of standard work attire. Pieces like patterned suits, textured midi skirts, jumpsuits, cropped trousers, and bold earrings will take your outfits to the next level. You can have fun mixing and matching these pieces with your basics, so you won’t repeat the same combination too often. And wherever you go shopping for new work clothes, consider whether the statement piece that you’re buying will pair with something that you already own. 

Get inspiration

Office dressing changes with the season, and it’s natural for your creativity to come and go. If you’re feeling a lack of inspiration at any point, remember that you have plenty of places to get outfit ideas. Look for work wear street style blogs, Instagram pages, Pinterest boards, and magazine articles. All of these sources might provide sparks of inspiration that you can apply to your own work uniform. 

Remember that you can also gain inspiration within your own office. Talk to your more stylish co-workers about where they buy their clothes and how they come up with ideas for their own work wear. You might even make a friend (and shopping buddy) in the process. After all, office style isn’t all about making your co-workers jealous. It also involves bonding with like-minded colleagues over wardrobe matters. 

Whether you are starting a new job or looking to revamp your work style, you have plenty of ways to upgrade your fashion game and get notices at the office. With some self expression and external inspiration, you can put together a unique look each day. Over time, you might just look forward to this creative part of your morning routine. 

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