How to Pick the Right Toothbrush
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When it comes to general health, oral hygiene is something that needs special attention. We heard from dentistry Harrisburg, NC, that it is necessary to establish healthy habits early. But, of course, the first thing is the use of appropriate dental and gum care accessories. So, the first question would be ” How to pick the right toothbrush?

How to Pick The Right Toothbrush?

Well, shortly said, it depends on so many factors. Before you decide which one is the best for you, your teeth and gums, maybe you should try to think about:

Hard vs. Soft Toothbrush 

hard or soft toothbrush
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It might seem that stiff bristles can clean your teeth better, which is more than logical, but the technique of cleaning is more important. If you brush harshly, you can easily injure your gums. Dental professionals recommend soft-bristled toothbrushes. They can better remove the plaque. Also, if you have young children or a baby, it’s better to start with some soft-bristled brushes because of their sensitive gums. A soft toothbrush won’t be crucial to the appearance of healthy teeth. It’s necessary to start learning your children from a very young age to brush their teeth properly. Some of the cartoons or funny books and videos can be helpful. 

Quality & Shape 

The best way of finding out which toothbrush is the best for you is trying different types. Not everyone will like the same size and shape of a toothbrush, and it mostly depends on the size of your mouth and teeth. There are several shapes of the head, like oval or rectangular, and the best for you is the one that fits your mouth the best. Also, you should try different handle types as flexible neck or sticky ones, mostly for kids. Style of bristles can be ripped, flat, or trimmed to a dome shape- you decide. Remember that price is not the most important part. Try not to buy just a name, but a good product. 

Electric toothbrush
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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush 

Both types of brushes can clean your teeth effectively if you are not lazy enough to brush. The manual brushes are cheaper, but you need to change them more often. They are better for children who are now learning how to brush their teeth properly. On the other hand, a powered toothbrush is a more expensive option, but you don’t need to change it often. The brush needs a change every 2-3 months, or earlier if you’ve had a cold or something else. Also, they are useful for people with some disabilities to brush their teeth easier. 

The Best Toothbrush Is The one That Fits Your Mouth The Best 

Try to remember that you need to listen to your body all the time. This means that your body plays the primary role in deciding what toothbrush you are going to use. Don’t forget to clean your teeth after every meal, but at least two times a day. Follow the brushing techniques properly, and you have no worries. Make sure you see your dentist twice a year.

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