The proposal
Image by Alec White from Pixabay

In the United States, about half of the population is married. If you’re starting to discuss marriage with your girlfriend and think it might be time to get engaged, you’ll want to make sure it’s the perfect experience. She’ll tell her friends, family, and coworkers all about it, and eventually, you’ll tell your children. Make the proposal extra special by planning an amazing day. Here’s how to pull it off.

Pick the perfect ring.

You can’t propose without the ring, and you need to make sure it’s the perfect diamond engagement ring. Maybe you’ve never bought your girlfriend jewelry before, and you have no idea what to pick. Don’t panic. One in three couples shop for the ring together, so if you’re really lost, you can show your partner what you’re thinking and see what she says. You could even just get a few ideas from her and then make the final choice yourself.

This is a good option for those who want the engagement ring to be a surprise but need a little direction. You’ll have to choose between white gold and rose gold, halo and solitaire, and small or large diamond. If your girlfriend really wants to be surprised, enlist a friend or family member who can give you an idea of what she’s looking for. The last thing you want is to plan a perfect proposal with a less than perfect engagement ring. This might take a good amount of time, so start looking for the right ring long before you’ll need it.

Choose the right activity.

After you choose the ring, the next important part to figure out is how you’ll propose. You’ll want to make sure you plan something that’s meaningful to both of you, though you can make it more personal to just your girlfriend since the proposal is for her. If she loves Harry Potter or Zelda, buy her a special ring box. If she’s a fan of scavenger hunts, plan an elaborate one that leads to you.

Maybe she’s a music enthusiast and you’re not. Ask other music fans for advice. You may want to take her to a record store and plant a custom record for her to find. Make the cover art a picture of you two and the record one of her favorites. You want your partner to know that you put time and effort into this engagement and that it was planned specifically for her. That doesn’t mean it has to be elaborate. Something as simple as a hike and a picnic might be her taste. The right activity is just the one that will make your partner happiest. Don’t compare what you’ve planned to what other people have done. Your only goal is to make sure she says yes.

Ask her family or friends for help.

Recruiting family and friends for every step of the planning will help it all go smoothly, especially if you’re looking to surprise her with a big event. The danger of asking for help is that now people know what you’re planning. Make sure you only tell people you can trust and who you know won’t spill the news and ruin the surprise. You might trust more people with knowledge of a surprise party, but if that’s ruined for your girlfriend, the stakes are low. If the proposal is ruined, you both might be very disappointed. Choose people who can be great confidants and will know exactly how to help. You might only tell your sister what you’re planning and ask her to assist with picking the ring or getting your girlfriend to the proposal spot. Asking the right people for help could make the entire thing go without a hitch.

Take your time planning the perfect proposal, and your partner will talk about it forever. Get the ring, pick the activity, and ask for help. You’ll have an unforgettable story to tell your kids.

Featured Image by Alec White from Pixabay