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How to Plan to Move Into an Apartment with Your New Spouse

You know what they say—you never truly know someone until you’ve lived together, and that’s even more accurate when it comes to someone you’re dating or a newly-wed. You can spend all the time in the world together, but the true tests come when you’re in the same space 24/7.

Surviving the snoring and grumpy days, getting into disagreements about chores, and having different schedules can all bring about stress and anxiety.  Don’t get besieged by various the searches. If you couple stay organized, and follow these below foolproof plans, you’ll be calm and composed while moving into your new apartment. So how can you plan ahead to avoid disaster? Let’s find out.

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Communicate Before it’s Too Late

The key to any relationship’s longevity is communication. If you want to avoid arguments, the best communication occurs before issues arrive, not during or after. Before you move into your new apartment with your significant other, talk about chores, cooking, general upkeep or maintenance, decorating ideas, and boundaries. Talking about the issues beforehand will prevent blowups and arguments along the way.

Do a Trial Run

If you can spend a significant amount of time living in with your new spouse before you move in together, maybe at their apartment for a month, you’ll learn some of their endearing (and not-so-endearing) quirks and habits. This isn’t always possible if they’re living at home or if it was a long-distance relationship, but otherwise, it’s an excellent way to learn more about how they live.

Stay True to Your Individuality

While it can be tempting to try and keep the honeymoon phase lasting forever, it’s impossible in the long-run. Be yourself, even if that means you sing too loud in the shower or you like to keep your favorite stuffed animal at the side of your bed. If your partner truly loves you, they’ll understand. Plus, it’s okay to do things by yourself—like knitting or reading—to maintain a healthy level of individuality. Never give up hobbies that you truly love.

Pick the Right Battles

It’s one thing to be annoyed that there are dishes sitting in the sink, but it’s another to blow up on your partner about it. Because you communicated before moving in together and decided you’re going to work as a team, you should be able to have a conversation about the things that bother you. Don’t let dirty dishes be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Try to think about the other chores your partner does do, and make sure to lend a hand when needed.

Talk About Finances

It’s easy to just assume that your partner has the same financial plans as you, but that’s not always the case. Are you going to start a family? Will one spouse be the bread-winner while another keeps the apartment clean and raises the kids? Are you going to split all costs 50/50? Set aside time to talk to each other about individual income, credit card debt, if any, savings, investment and other financial obligations. Again, communication is the key to figuring out yourfinancial goals.

Relationships are really tested when you and your spouse start living together under one roof. Planning, hard work, little sacrifices are required to keep it going. From the above discussion it is clear that you have to be very specific with your spouse while discussing about individual living habits, financial obligations etc maintaining individuals privacy and integrity. Proper planning and clear communication will eradicate conflict and surprises between the partners. Down the road, while cohabiting, you will learn to love each other in a new way.

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