How to Protect Your Children from The Dangers of Outside World
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Making children feel safe and how to protect your children from the outside world’s dangers is a parent’s first and foremost priority. Starting from a young age, children have busy schedules in today’s world. Countless social activities such as play dates, soccer practice, or friendly visits can make them leave the safety of their home during the day. It can be scary out there for a child; an adult can brush off a simple fall, but the experience and the pain can be overwhelming for a child. 

To protect your children from danger may seem like an easy task for an outsider, but statistics about missing children tell another story. 250.000 children are reported missing every year in the EU, which means a child finds themselves all alone every 2 minutes. There are many reasons for a child to go missing, but most of the time, it is a harmless wandering case, and they are found within minutes. Unfortunately, some of these children are targeted by criminals or wander off too far to be found immediately. In situations like these, worried parents can enlist the help of technological devices such as child GPS trackers to find their children and rush to their aid. 

Simple Safety Measures Parents Can Apply 

The fear of abduction and children’s tendency to go missing causes many parents to limit their children’s movements. Outside school, smaller children have a limited amount of time to play with their friends or attend to activities due to safety concerns. Parents can teach their children how to behave when they are on their own and what to do in emergency cases.

One way to protect your children is to advise their children not to talk to strangers or accept gifts from them under any circumstance. 

 Children should be familiar with their family members, relatives, and caretakers to avoid being persuaded into getting in a car with a stranger. 

 If a child somehow slips through the door and finds themselves alone in an unfamiliar area, knowing the names or phone numbers of their parents will allow the people they interact with to call their parents for a quick recovery.

– Crowded places can be confusing for children; parents should teach their kids what to do if they get lost in one of these settings, such as malls or bus stations. 

– The basic knowledge of law enforcement and how to recognize an officer is vital in missing cases. Your children should be familiar with the security personnel and law enforcement agencies if they wander off on their own. 

GPS Technology

GPS-based applications and devices have changed the way we live around the world. Businesses industries have reshaped their entire operation models to benefit from GPS technology. However, enhanced personal safety protocols can be considered one of the most significant contributions of this revolutionary innovation. Child tracking devices are equipped with powerful features such as the SOS button, fall detection, and real-time tracking to help parents and responsible parties if a child goes missing or suffers from an injury. Emergencies are always time-sensitive; child tracking devices are instrumental in informing family members ahead of time so they can call the authorities or rush to their children’s side. Sometimes, a simple smartphone notification can avert a crisis such as an abduction or missing case. 

– SOS Button

When it comes to child safety protocols, the SOS button is one of the most effective tools out there to protect a child. If a child is old enough, parents can easily teach them how to use the panic button on their personal tracking devices. When pressed in an emergency, the SOS button issues an alert to the designated contacts along with the exact location of the tracking device. It can be a simple fall incident or a stranger dragging your child into their vehicle, but one thing is for sure, the SOS button is an essential tool in ensuring your children’s safety. 

– Geofence Zones

The Geofence zone feature allows people to access the tracking device to create virtual boundaries around specific locations on the digital map. Parents can use this useful tool to mark the areas their children frequently visit or spend most of their time, such as school, playgrounds, or their home. Child tracking devices can be configured to trigger an alert whenever they enter or leave one of these safe zones. Should your children wander off outside the school grounds at an odd time or disappear from the playground, the breach alert will notify you about the emergency immediately. 

Fall alert
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– Fall Alert

Children are always full of energy and run around constantly. And that is why they always stumble and fall, but a simple fall incident can turn into a severe injury if not treated immediately in rare cases. Child tracking devices can detect falls from a certain height with their sensitive sensors and report the event after a certain amount of time if the person wearing the device can’t recover from the fall. Family members can call for an ambulance if their children have a concussion or suffer from an injury. 

– Real-time Tracking

Children are impulsive, and even with constant directions, they can wander outside of the boundaries you set for them. The worst part is that it can happen anywhere and anywhere, leaving you clueless as to where they are. All the alerts and notifications are meaningless if you can’t locate your child. Real-time tracking allows parents to pinpoint the tracking device’s exact location on their children with a margin of error of 1 meter. Even if a child is on the move or taken by a stranger, real-time location updates from the child tracker enable the family members or local law enforcement officers to quickly find the missing kid. 

Child alone
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There are concerns about a child’s privacy when using technology to track their every move. However, Stranger Danger is real, and it can happen to any child out there. Children are more likely to fall or disappear out of sight in a matter of seconds due to their restless nature and sense of wonder. Moments like these are a parent’s worst nightmare. Not knowing where their children are or what happened to them can distract a parent and prevent them from acting accordingly in a crisis; that is, if their children are not equipped with a child GPS tracker. The ability to locate your children at all times gives families peace of mind and alleviate their unending worries about their bundle of joys’ safety. 

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