How to Start a T-Shirt Subscription Box Business
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The subscription box industry is booming at the moment. The idea behind a subscription box is very appealing to customers, which is why they decide to make a purchase and get fresh new items every month to their doorstep.

Still, is it a complicated business to start?

Since the subscription box business has been around for quite some time, many people have the same idea as you. This means that your job should be to outsmart your competitors and get a piece of the market for yourself.

One of the most successful subscription boxes come from the t-shirt niche. Since t-shirts are one of the most commonly replaced items in our wardrobe, people want a fresh one every time they get dirty. 

There are many different successful t-shirt subscription boxes like FreshCleanTees that will send out basic no-print t-shirts every month or the best quality v-neck t-shirts. Others try to go deeper into the niche and provide personally printed t-shirts with messages or logos.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the ways you can start your own t-shirt subscription business.

Select a Niche

Believe T-shirt
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As we mentioned before, your first choice is to select the right niche to conquer. Even though we are talking about a t-shirt subscription box business, many sub-categories might be great for you. 

Some businesses offer basic t-shirts, and others are more stylish and personal. Your goal should be to determine a market gap and try to go after a low competition niche.

Since subscription boxes are more about the overall shopping experience and the mystery behind the products, you should focus on creating a story with your brand.

Conduct a Market Research

Once you know the niche you want to conquer, it is time to get to know your competitors and see what they have to offer. Checking out your competitors can help you optimize your business plan and determine if you are on the right path.

You have to come up with unique packaging and a story that will demolish your competitors. Also, checking out your competition can help you determine the right price for your subscription box. 

Research Suppliers

There are two types of subscription box businesses when it comes to t-shirts. You either make your own products or purchase them from third-party vendors. If you want to start small, the best way is to go with third-party vendors since making your own t-shirts will be a much significant upfront investment. 

You can contact suppliers and ask them if they can make a “private label” for your subscription box. Private label means that they can sell you their products with your brand name attached to the t-shirts. 

Choose the Right Packaging for your Products

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Since this business is called a “subscription box,” you need some sort of packaging used for the transportation of your products. Most subscription businesses decide to go with the eco-friendly theme and try to make a box from recycled materials.

If you run on a tight budget and are new to the subscription box business, it is best to find a box manufacturer that can help you produce the right box. Remember, the subscription box business is all about creating a unique story, so make sure your box is unique and represents your business goals.

Another thing to consider is the packaging weight. Since you have to ship your packages to a different location, having a heavy box can increase your shipping price.

Establish your Brand and Launch Your Website

After you’ve gone through all the steps above, it is time to bring all things into action and come up with a brand for your subscription box. You should create a unique logo based on your niche and a slogan to boost sales.

Your next move should be creating a professional-looking website, which can be done by some eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Wix without coding knowledge. 

After that, your next step is to determine a marketing budget and start selling your subscription box!

Featured Image by analogicus from Pixabay