Improving the Customer Experience
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How To Improve Your Customer Experience

Producing great products does not guarantee success; you must also Improve Your Customer Experience. Having a well-designed customer experience strategy will help grow your business as people discover your great product; they will keep coming back to purchase again. This is where a company can explode with its potential growth. 

On the other hand, bad customer service can cripple a business as your reputation begins to get tainted, not only reducing repeat customers but also scaring away new customers. The better experience you provide your customers, the more likely they will give positive reviews and share with their circle of friends. Reducing the friction of customer complaints not only makes your product shine but gives you a good feeling 

The benefits | Improve Your Customer Experience:

  • Increase satisfied repeat buyers – Simply increasing your customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 50%. You spend a lot to bring people in, keeping them coming back will decrease your customer acquisition costs significantly.  
  • Increased customer loyalty – As stated above, reducing churn lowers your acquisition costs and can provide exponential growth if you can keep gaining new customers and keeping existing customers. The longer you retain a customer, the higher your profit.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – The internet, specifically social media, is an essential aspect of today’s world. People love to share their experiences online. Maintaining an impeccable reputation online is critical to your growth and profitability. Word of mouth has never been so important, as your customer will undoubtedly share their experiences online and with friends and relatives.

Building a customer experience strategy? 

If people did not care about the shopping experience, they would be good with going into a warehouse and finding their desired product paying and leave. Why would a business go about making the store look well organized with product pictures and beautiful decorations? Shoppers want to feel good about themselves, store design and friendly employees make them feel good, so naturally, they will want to come back. Many have spoken about the success of the Apple store, where they keep things simple. What’s the first thing that happens when you enter the store, an employee greets you and asks if they can help. If they are busy, they will log you in, and a tech will find you when it’s your turn. This is a great customer experience; an employee greeted you and put you on the list to give an expectation of when you will be helped. Imagine that no one welcomed you, and you had to fight for help. Would this make you feel good or desire to return to that store; probably not. Creating a strategy around customer experience is essential in differentiating your products from your competitors. Keeping your customers happy should be your primary goal.  


Creating a compelling customer experience strategy is more than ensuring your customers receive the products and services they desire efficiently. The experience is the differentiating factor that most businesses get judged by their customers. Depending on the service or goods you provide, chances are they are very similar to your competitors. How do you get those customers to come to your store vs. the competitor and keep them coming? 

You got it; it’s the customer experience and service you provide. When your customer experience is second to none, it creates value for both customers and the business. The experience is the added value you provide. Understanding this and making an effort to make the customer feel special every time they enter your online store or brick, and mortar store is how you maximize your value and earning your customers loyalty. Good luck in breaking through the crowd by achieving exceptional customer service and a highly sought after experience. 

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