Getting Married

Is Getting Married a Gamble?

If you are getting rejected in a marriage, you don’t need to worry too much. You will have lots more freedom, and in the morning, you will also decide from which side of the bed you will get up from!

They say that ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ and maybe it is true as they are never ‘down to earth’. Just imagine what level of extravaganza the majority of marriages are made of fabulous jewellery, fantastic silk saris, impressive bouquets and buffets and lots more.

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The ‘show must go on’, and in spite of the entire circus, nobody is sure of how successful a marriage will be. So, you are basically making an investment, but you don’t know the outcome. You have some insights on how it could turn out, but if you are lucky, you win at a slot machine if not you are doomed for the rest of your life!

‘In a way getting married is like to play at a casino’ said CasinoBiggestBonus expert John Pentin. ‘You enter a casino, make a bet on a slot or a series of games, and you only know you have a certain chance of coming out with a successful outcome. Similarly, to casinos, lots of players do fail, so you know you have a damn difficult challenge to make the marriage succeed.’

It is, therefore, the risk that puts everyone in a difficult dilemma: To wed or not to. In addition to that, we hear all the time people offering very ‘honest’ suggestions like: ‘Don’t Marry!’ It is tough to ignore those pieces of advice as they are coming from those who have married: so, they have done their experience, and they are in a position to know better.

Who is gambling more in matrimony it is difficult to say: is it the boy or the girl? Benjamin Disraeli said that every woman should marry but no man. The reason why he says that is that the man is more penalised by marriage. Others have put the same concept in different words and are saying that you should gamble to get married. If you are lucky to get a good wife, then you will have a happy life. If not the world will have another good philosopher.

It is difficult to know if they are right or wrong however the fact is that, if everyone would have taken them seriously then the human race would have ended. But as we all know, nobody is learning lessons from others’ mistakes.

A funny way to look at marriages and the gamble within it is to check the ‘matchmakers’ column of newspapers or apps. Browsing through the ads, you can find a great variety, and people are advertising themselves like video slots are trying to attract your attention when walking into a casino. There are a lot of great terms like ‘broad-minded’, ‘accomplished’, ‘domestically trained…(?)’ and so on.

One ad also says ‘mother not alive’: that is probably a way to attract those people that had problems with the mother-in-law! If you are going to respond to those ads, you are mainly shooting in the dark, but after all, it is not very different from others cultures way of dealing with weddings. In traditional India and China, the bride and the groom are not allowed to see each other until the wedding ceremony…surprise!

If we look at the world population statistics, we can see that there are fewer women than men in lots of society: this makes hunting for a wife a challenging job for boys. Who knows in the future the world could go all circle and a girl will be able to choose from some eligible bachelors that will queue to get selected.

The ‘rejected’ ones, however, will not need to worry. They will always have the freedom in the morning to get up from both sides of their beds!

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