Jazz Up Your Wedding with These Casino-Inspired Ideas
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A couple’s wedding is one of their most important days, celebrating their union with the people that they love. And with the global situation seeing a turn for the better, the availability of in-person gatherings means that themed weddings such as a casino-inspired themed wedding are on the rise again.

For those who fancy new online casinos, nothing beats a casino-themed wedding in terms of class and excitement. The combination of elegance and fun that reception from The Strip is sure to make any wedding a memorable experience. We give you some great tips on setting up the casino wedding of your dreams without going to Las Vegas.

Top Tips for a Casino-Themed Wedding

  1. Sending Casino Inspired Invitations
  2. Call Out the Perfect Dress Code
  3. Bring the Mood with Complementing Decor
  4. Picking the Right Food
  5. Close Up with Memorable Wedding Favors

Send Casino Inspired Invitations

An important part of every wedding planning is the invitations you’re sending to your valuable guests. Since we’re setting up a casino theme for the wedding, what’s the better way to let your family and friends reserve the date with some dazzling invitations. Here are some smart casino-based invitation card ideas:

  • Nothing speaks casino more than a deck of cards, and using that simple yet classy playing card design is amazing for your invitations.
  • Slot-designed invitation cards are loud and eye-catching, clearly speaking to your guests about what your wedding is about.
  • For a more modern and clean look, a simple martini-styled invite that takes a page from James Bond will excite your guests for your big day.

Call Out the Perfect Dress Code

With your casino-based wedding comes the right dress code that suits the occasion well. We recommend including the dress code along with the invites to let your guests prepare for your wedding.

Typical casino colors like black and red are good to go with, while gold and black speak elegance and a touch of glamour. As with most casinos, are black-tie event, you can ask nothing less from your guests.

Bring the Mood with Complementing Décor

Bright and elegant is the hallmark of a casino setup, and you can achieve this look with long drapes and properly colored lights. Replacing flowers with feathers and willow branches elevates the casino setting, reminiscent of the classiest casino locations in the country.

To go along with your beautiful casino-themed décor, adding some casino games to the mix brings you back to The Strip. Have a few poker tables, slot machines, and roulette tables set up across the reception hall, letting your guests play games for fun. For a modern twist, you can also have some online casino games available with beloved games like Blackjack and Texas Hold ’em.

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Picking the Right Food

No wedding is complete without delicious food for the couple and guests to enjoy on this lovely event. It is best to complement your décor with signature dishes found on beloved casinos like prime rib, meatballs, cocktail shrimp, and Caesar salad for a casino-themed wedding.

With Vegas being home to some of the most famous buffets, setting up a buffet for your reception is also a great option. Not only that, allowing your guests to get their food in a buffet makes service easier and more fun.

Of course, let’s not forget the star of every wedding reception: the wedding cake. With the versatility in options available for cake designs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a casino-themed cake for your memorable day. Some popular designs are poker chips, a roulette table, and a deck of cards. Make sure that your cake matches with your overall casino design for an added punch.

Close Up with Memorable Wedding Favors

As your event winds up to a close, let your family and friends remember your day fondly with some specialized takeaways that match your casino-themed wedding. Not only will these make your day more special, but these tokens are also simple to make and are friendly on the budget.

Poker chips
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Edible wedding favor options include:

  • Poker chip cookies
  • Chocolate playing cards
  • Sweet and tangy dice gummies

And for something they can use on game day, you can offer:

  • Themed playing cards
  • Customized poker chips
  • Personalized dice

Casino-inspired weddings are truly a sight to behold, with all the glitz and glamour the theme brings and the wholesome fun casinos remind guests of. Always remember that the event is for you and about you at the end of the day, so make sure you enjoy your special day.

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