The Jeeter Pre-Roll infused Joints are the buy levitra 100mg now best I have ever had.  So what makes them so good, its that on top of the flower in the joint it is also infused with liquid diamonds and navigate to these guys is covered in Kief on the outside.  This makes for a very high THC content that packs quit a punch when smoking.  they describe liquid diamonds as “the cleanest, strongest concentrate on the market.” The liquid diamonds are a highly concentrated form of THCA which is then melted into pure oil.  This is then mixed into the flower creating a very potent joint.  If that is not enough they then coat the outside of the joint with Keefe making the best pre-roll I have every had.  After all this they infuse great flavors into each joint making it taist that much better, pick out your favorite flavor and give it a try.

Jeeter Pre-Roll infused Joint Blue Zkittlez Indica

Jeeter Blue Zkittlez Indica


Flavor: Sweet blueberry and berry flavors 

Aroma: Tart citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers. 

Effect: This is a mellow high with moderately sedating qualities. I did feel a little heavy and ready to snack. This is the perfect end of day strain with a relaxing and uplifting high 

Best for: stress, restlessness, and pain.

Jeeter Pre-Roll infused Joint Apple Fritter Hybrid

Jeeter Apple Fritter Hybrid

Hybrid- Indica Dominant 

Flavor: Sweet notes of Apple and Strawberry 

Aroma: Sweet herbal citrus and pine notes

Effect: If you are on edge and cialis video need to relax, this is the perfect relaxing high. I experienced a sense of relaxation and was overcome with happiness, and of course, I started talking a lot. This strain will make your cares go away with positive feelings and euphoria.

Best for Anxiety, Stress, Depression 

Jeeter Pre-Roll infused Joint Orange Soda Hybrid

Jeeter Orange Soda Hybrid


Flavor: Refreshing tropical citrus fruit notes with some orange overtones 

Aroma: tropical citrus terpene profile

Effect: This strain gives a head high but will relax you and provide an uplifting feeling and boost your appetite.

Best for: Stress, chronic pain, and insomnia

Orange Soda gives a potent head high with a strong calming feeling. This calmness produces a soothing effect making you very happy and giggly. 

Infused Pre-Roll Conclusion

The Jeeter Infused Pre-rolls are some of the strongest THC content that I have found and pack a punch. When I was in Palm Springs I was turned on to these infused joints at the Four twenty bank dispensary and generic online ciprofloxacin lounge in palm springs, which by the way is the best weed lounge I have ever been too. Check out my review of the lounge. You don’t need to smoke the whole joint to get the expected sensation. If your in California which is the only place I have seen these for sale it worth giving them a try. The taist, aroma, and high are all out of this world, I have not tried a single strain/flavor that I did not like.