We work in a small team and we love that so much. If you want to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where ideas are never taken lightly and things are actioned immediately, we challenge and encourage you to join and grow with us. We view talents and skills as valuable resources and reward every contribution made to the team. We also believe in investing in our employees and appreciate the growth of people.

If you feel that our values are in line with yours and that you have the drive to grow and succeed, we are very excited to hear more from you and discuss the opportunity you may have in the company.

Full-Time Web Developer

Job Description
  • Develop website templates and web applications and ensure strong optimization and functionality.
  • Work on projects including web layout enhancements, desktop applications, website enhancements, web-based applications, and database-backed websites.
  • Code web pages utilizing CSS and XHTML and programming languages including JavaScript, SQL and PHP and combinations of languages.
  • Interact with servers using SSH, FTP and Telnet protocols.
  • Work in a variety of development frameworks including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Work with various database systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Analyze, review and modify web systems by designing, maintaining, documenting, testing, developing and monitoring.
  • Provide technical support to clients.
Required Skills
  • HTML and CSS skills to a high standard
  • PHP and SQL skills to a very high standard
  • Good understanding of template system in WordPress
  • Knowledge of other popular platforms is favorable
  • JavaScript (specifically JQuery) skill to a high standard
  • Broad knowledge of internet and social media
  • English writing skill to a high standard
  • Candidate must be a team player and willing to learn and share

Full-Time Web Designer

Job Description
  • Design website templates and ensure that they are visually effective and easy to use.
  • Map or outline a website’s structural content.
  • Advise on changes for improvement in websites layout, user interface and experience
  • Create or edit images and graphics for website use.
  • Code website using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash or GUI design software.
  • Coordinate with developers for specialized scripts.
  • Create verbal content for the website or using approved content from the client.
  • Integrate verbal content with site design for final product.
Required Skills
  • Very good eyes in design and high level of awareness of the current trends in web design
  • Extensive knowledge of blogging and microblogging
  • Photoshop and Illustrator skills to a very high standard
  • Broad knowledge of internet and social media
  • Good command of English
What we offer

We offer a competitive salary and performance-based bonuses. Every employee is registered in the national insurance scheme (Jamsostek) and receives medical, dental and life benefits. We provide a fun and relaxed start-up culture in our office in Bandung.


You must be an Indonesian citizen or hold an appropriate permit to work full-time and take a permanent position in Indonesia. Fresh graduates and candidates from all educational backgrounds and levels are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline

There is no deadline for application as we are always recruiting. However, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

Equal Opportunity

Colorlabs is an equal opportunity employer. We are determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment. We do not discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, gender, lifestyle, health disability or age. We are committed to building an environment where employees can work together in an atmosphere of fairness and mutual respect.

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter quoting the role you are applying for, a CV containing relevant information to support your application and some samples of projects you have been involved in to career [at] colorlabsproject [dot] com. They may be school/university projects, freelance work or projects when you worked for a company.

We only accept applications sent by e-mail and will return any application sent by post. It is important that you send relevant attachments only. We strongly suggest that you make the samples of projects available online (e.g. as a web site, images hosted on Flickr or Picassa, or self-hosted files) and provide the URLs in your cover letter. Applications over 8MB in size will be automatically rejected.

Why Colorlabs

Colorlabs & Company is a group of WordPress-infused people who have been juggling codes and scripts to make WordPress better and more beautiful since 2008.

We have a collection of 14+ premium WordPress themes covering all types of websites for all kinds of publishers. We always keep everything up to date and follow the latest web design trends.

Collaborate with Us

Are you passionate about WordPress design and always caught doing creative experiments? If you are, we want you!

Need Some Help?

Either with the basics or complicated technical stuff, our support agents will ensure your problems get solved.