Featured Slider on Classifier

If you have Classifier theme, you  should notice featured image slider on the front page sometimes it does not have the same image ratio. Basically it design for images that has a different height so it will still fit the featured panel slider. You can check Classifier demo site here : http://demo.colorlabsproject.com/classifier/

Featured panel slider image is depend on the height of the image, it is dynamically changed and follows the height of the current image.
On more featured panel section, the image is cropped and resized, so it would fit the thumbnail image. The best image width is 744px.
Images which is lower than that size will not be resized. The user have to submit an image higher or the same as that width to achieve the same height on every image.

CoLabsFramework Internal Container on YOAST SEO Settings

If you are using Yoast SEO to customize the SEO Settings on your site, you may find that in Yoast SEO ‘Post Types’ there is the option to ‘noindex, nofollow’ meta robots for ‘CoLabsFramework Internal Container’.

CoLabsFramework Internal Container is a custom post type for ColorLabs Framework. It is used inside the framework/backend and have no effect on the theme frontend or WordPress admin.

In our opinion it is best to leave CoLabsFramework Internal Container unindexed.

Problems When Editing Files through Custom File Editor

If you want to edit custom css or php through ColorLabs Custom File Editor, please make sure this folder (wp-content/uploads/*themename*-custom/) is writeable. For example, if you purchased Classifier theme then the custom folder name would be : “wp-content/uploads/classifier-custom/”

Our custom files which is custom_function.php and custom.css is stored there, you do not have to worry, updating the theme is not affect those custom files.

Issue with Bullets and Numbering in Review Template on Travelous

If you have recently deployed Travelous and starting to populate your site, then you start to add a Review post template and encountered a bad styling on bullet or numbering points (<ul><li> </li></ul> ).

In Review template the bullet style is not appear normally when you compare it to bullet style on normal post, it is caused by

The problem is you may have outdated Travelous, please update your theme to the latest version using Travelous Update feature from the theme panel.

Using ‘Best Seller Products’ Widget on Opulence Theme

When you installed Opulence the first time and imported dummy content from our site just look if the site is okay if there is a product listed on front page and other pages, then you starting to add your own products.

Widgets ‹ Opulence — Best Seller Products

There is ‘Best Seller Products’ widget on Opulence, just like its name it lists best seller products then you started to notice that your own products are not listed there. Now, you need to remove dummy content you imported before.

Please remember that it will only show best seller products which will be added automatically.

Pages and Custom Links limit on Opulence MegaMenu

When you add a lot of pages and custom links to the Opulence MegaMenu and save it, the pages and custom links you have added is disappear. It happens when you add a lot, we mean a lot.

The Main Menu can hold up to 62 links ( pages & custom links ), after that… it starts adding the new pages / links ( only if you drag it
to the top of your menu ), and then kicks all the old stuff out at the bottom.

The workaround for this issue is that you may categorize your menu in a compact and simplified way.

Photographs Link not Showing on Photogram

When creating a Photographs, they show up find on the front page, but when clicking on the Link to show the specific picture page, the picture is gone. The picture is only shown if you use a normal “post”.

The error/bug is in the “single.php” file (photogram\single.php).

You are missing an else statement for this if statement

“if (($single_top[0]!=”)||($single_top[0]==’none’)){”

the missing part:
$content .= ‘
<a href=”‘.colabs_image(‘link=url&return=true’).'” title=”‘.$meta.'”class=”grouped” rel=”lightbox”>
$check_src = colabs_image(‘link=url&return=true’);

The latest version of Photograms already fix this issue, please update your theme to the latest version.

Reset Password not Working on Letters

Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Letters and also using latest version of our Framework. You can perform automatic update from Letters theme panel, just go to Letters theme panel then go to “Update” menu.

The latest version of Letters already fix this issue. Should you have any other issue regarding this problem do not hesitate to contact our support.

My Theme Is Not The Same As Your Demo

Maybe you have this problem when you use our theme: the main page is not displayed as what we have on our demo page.

The problem is not with the theme, but your WordPress configuration. To fix this problem, you can go to: WordPress dashboard > Settings > Reading.

Make sure if the value of an option named ‘front page display’ is not configured as ‘static page’. Set it as ‘latest posts’.

The Theme Is Acting Weird

Sometimes you may found an error with your fresh installed WordPress, such as cannot submit a post/page or maybe all themes you install is not working fine, but at its demo is working fine. All things you have done such as configure the theme panel and do importing the dummy content and still not working.

The main problem is caused by how did you install the WordPress?

People who use a shortcut to install a WordPress always get this problem. The shortcut here is the installation shortcut that available on your CPanel (the text can be like this: click this to install WordPress).

To fix it, please reinstall WordPress by uploading (replace) WordPress installation files into your root folder via FTP. When you use the installation shortcut, all directory and files permission are set to 644 which means by: read only.

Opulence Custom Slider URL Not Working

Opulence theme have a custom slider feature that will allow you to publish a custom image with a custom URL on it.

The common problem that people have is: the link URL is not working well. For example, the link redirect you to an URL like this one: mysite.com/google.com (what expected is to access google.com).

The problem is caused by how you put the link on the URL field. Make sure if you put a full URL format, for example: http://www.google.com/

Captcha On Contact Template

The common question for contact form template we have is: Is there any captcha feature for this contact forms?

The answer is not. If you want to have a captcha feature for your contact form, you’d better to use a plugin for that. The example is: Contact Form 7.

With this plugin, you can create a custom forms and also you can have a captcha feature on it. You can get this plugin for free at:

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